Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mills Haven Elementary Sports Day

On Friday I got to go back to Mills Haven Elementary and volunteer for the day.  It was the school's annual Sports Day!  The kids had so much fun participating in each event and I had a bunch of fun helping out and watching.  I was on the "Sponge Relay" so only got to see them do that event.  Here are a some pictures and a few videos of our day:

  Zach with his team the Supersonic Blueberries
 Abby with her team the Green Eggs and Ham
 At the opening ceremonies the teachers challenge the kids to a relay race.  Here's Zach cheering the teams on.  Here's a video of some of the relay:

After the opening ceremonies we went outside to participate in 9 different events.  Events such as hurdles, football toss, mini golf, sponge relay and more.

One of my first groups was the Supersonic Blueberries!

Here's a video of their cheer:

 Zach with his buddy Kevin behind him waiting for their turn
 Fooling around in line
 And Go!!!
 Check out the speed and power from the boy!

Here's a video of Zach and Kevin racing:

 Cheering his team on
 Racing back

Here's another video of Zachy zooming:

 Excited for his next turn
 A big smile for Daddy before he heads off to his next event

It was then time for lunch. Zach had to head back to daycare for the afternoon to make room for the afternoon Kindergarten class so I ate with Abby's class.  Oh loud!!!  After lunch we went outside to play a bit.

 Abby with a group of her Friends on the Monkey Bars

Then Abby's team came to the sponge relay.

Here's a video of their cheer:

Boom Chic a Boom

 Abby cheering her team on
 Great smiles for Dad
 Waiting for her turn
 Let's Go!!!
 Power! Love it!

Here's a video of Abs cruising!!!

We made the kids do some skipping the second time around! haha

 Great High knees!

Here's a video of Abs skipping:

 Another smile from in line.

After all the kids they went back to the gym for the closing ceremonies.  Here's a video of Abby's team cheer and some of the kids telling their favorite event! Abby chose Sponge Relay! yahoo!

 Abby with her sports day ribbon! Great job Abby! Very Proud!!!

Abs and I went to daycare and picked up Zach and went for a treat!

 Yum! Ice Cream!

What a great day!  What a great group of teachers, kids and parent volunteers.  Loved it!

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