Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Zach's School Spring Concert

Today Chrissy and I had the pleasure going to the kids school to watch Zach's spring concert.  He was smiling ear to ear the whole time and did a great job.  His whole class did an awesome job!  Below are a few pictures and 3 videos of the concert.

 Smiles as his class gets ready
 I may be a little biased but this is perfection!!!!
 Getting a little nervous before the singing begins
 Zach's best buddies Jake, Kevin and Nathan
 The actions while singing "The Farmer in the Dell"
 Actions while singing "Blue Bird"
 Zach and his Buddy Jackson "performing" in "Blue Bird"
 What a great group of kids!
 A mischievous look on the little man's face

Below are three videos of Zach and his class singing

"You Gotta Sing"
"Let's Get On Board"
"Ha Ha This Away"

I'm looking forward to Abby's spring concert tomorrow!!! Pictures and videos of that concert to follow!

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