Sunday, June 29, 2014

Abby's School Carnival

On Wednesday we went to Mills Haven Elementary for the afternoon for a Teddy Bear Picnic and carnival.  The weather was a little cold and rainy during lunch so we had a picnic in the gym.

 Me, Rascal and Abby eating chips
 Mum with Abby and Rascal
I like this picture of me and my girl
 Chrissy was able to get a nice picture of Zach and his Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Holm, before he went back to daycare for the afternoon.
 After lunch the weather improved and we went out to play at the park before the carnival began
 Abby with her best buddy Ava
 Hiding in the trees
 Nothing like a blue lollipop! Nice blue mouth Abs!
 Abby getting her face painted
 The dolphin is coming together
 Hey Auntie Sue, like my face paint?
 Butterfly Ava and Dolphin Abby
 A nice picture of Abby with her Grade 2 teacher Mrs. Massey
 Playing the beanbag toss
 Abby manged to hit 3 of 4 targets
 Go Ava Go
 In the music room playing musical chairs
 Ready for another song to start
 Abby's buddy Abby F with a sweet blue tongue
Ava and Abby playing musical chairs.

We had a lot of fun at the carnival. A big thank you to all the teachers and students who helped put the carnival on.  It has been a great school year and the kids can't wait for Grade 1 and 3 to start in the fall.  In the meantime we have countdowns on to Auntie Megan and Uncle Ian's wedding next weekend, Penticton in 2 weeks and Calaway Park in a month.

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