Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Boys Camping Trip

Last weekend I went to Whitecourt for a bachelor party for Ian.  We had a great time golfing, shooting guns and sitting around the fire.

Before golf we had a nice outfit for Ian to wear.  He was the prettiest girl in Whitecourt on Saturday!

 Ib helping Burgee get his dress on
 That is one sexy dress
 A little tight?
 Good ball!!!
 Wow you are beautiful
 Strike a Pose

Here's a couple of videos of Ian teeing off in his dress

This is what we eat when the wife and kids are back at home

 Saturday evening we went out to Pat's Grandparents land (over 500 acres) and did some skeet and target shooting.  It was the first time I have ever shot a gun.  We shot a .17 HMR, a semi automatic 12 gauge shotgun, a pump action 12 gauge shotgun and a short double barrel coachmen shotgun. Very cool.  I felt very redneck.
 Ian and I shooting
Target shooting

Here are a bunch of videos of all of us shooting

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