Friday, June 20, 2014

Daycare Kindergarten Graduation, Camping and Learning To Ride Bikes

We have had a great week.  Zach and his best bud Ally had their Daycare kindergarten grad, we went camping to Gull Lake for Father's Day and both kids learned how to ride their bikes on 2 wheels!  Here are a bunch of pictures and videos from our week:

Showing me his thread on his hat is Oilers colors!!!
 My beautiful niece Ally
 Another good shot of Alyssa
 Singing a song they had prepared for us.

Here's a video of part of that song.

Here is a list of the class achievements.  Notice Zachy. Class Clown!!!!

 The Clown

The clown waving to the crowd

 Listening to teacher
 Big Smiles
 Singing their song
 Eating some graduation cake
 Love this picture.  Best friends! Someday, 12 years from now, we're going to have a very similar picture :)
 Congrats Zachy!
 The daycare did these Grad pics.  Very cool.

Last weekend we went to Gull Lake to do some camping and celebrate Father's Day

 Down at the lake
 They do love each other
 Playing in the water
 The kids just love the beach and water
 My beautiful wife
 Sue enjoying the nice weather (And holding her kids hoodie)
 Syd just loved playing in the sand and water
 The crew playing
 Grandad made his way down to check out what everyone was up to
 Squirting water
 Oh Oh, Mum had to go out to grab a run away toy
 Nice moves Mum!
 While we were playing we got a visit from a bunch of Pelicans
 Big Birds!!!
 The kids at breakfast in Grammee's Trailer
 Abby and her Mum doing tricks at the playground
 I think they're ready for the circus!
 Walking through the campground
 Pretty toes
 Back at the beach
 More hugs
 Me and my bestie
 8 Pelicans playing in the water
 Syd and Zach playing cars
 Pa and I on Father's Day

On Saturday, while camping, the boys took off for a half hour to go to the trailer dealership in Lacombe to grab some parts.  When we got back Chrissy and Susan had the kids riding their bikes and trying on 2 wheels.  Zach was the first to pick it up and since Abby has learned and Ally is well on her way!!!

 Riding bikes

Here are a few videos of Zach learning to ride his bike

On Father's Day I made the kids play boccee with me.  After a bit of whining they settled in and had fun

 Explaining the rules

When we got home I took Abby to a great path near our house to get her comfortable on 2 wheels.  Here's a few videos from our progress

I am so proud of the kids.  Chrissy and I were hoping they would be on 2 wheels before we went to Penticton in July and it looks like they will be :)

This week the kids had Crazy Hair day at school. Pretty awesome hair.  Thanks Mum!!!

 Blue and pink Mohawk and some crazy pigtails!

What a great week!  Doesn't get much better than that!

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