Sunday, June 22, 2014

Gallitown Family Fun Day

We had such a great day yesterday. Just one of those days where everything goes right.  I play golf with Pa, Steve and Jeff bright and early and had a decent round.  Came home and relaxed with the family for a bit before we went out.  Dropped Abby at her friend Kassidy's birthday party and the Chrissy and I took Zach golfing to a small pitch and putt. After we picked up Abby from the party we went to W.E.M. for a great dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory and shopping at Old Navy.  Went home, played in the front yard for a while and then off to bed.  Great day. A few pics and videos below.

The Sandpiper golf course has a 9 hole pitch & putt course. Absolutely fantastic for Zachy!

 Me and my boy heading out to the course
 Everyone got a Sharpie and marked their ball
 Zach used a Grandpa Ball
Nice form Zachy
 About to nail the ball
 Pretty happy with himself! Love it!
 Daddy teaching him to chip
 "Ok, now you try"

A video of Zach putting

Close but no cigar
 Time to hit drive or as her called it, the "Big Puppy".  "Let the Big Puppy Eat"

Here are 2 videos of 2 great drives he had

Nice drive Zach
This drive is so awesome! You can hear in my voice how proud I am!!!
 Great round Zach

After the round we had to kill some time before we picked up Abby so we went and got some ice cream

 Mum and her boy

We managed to get a couple of pics of Abby with the animals at Kassidy's party.  Abby had such an awesome time.  She got to see and hold so many animals! Lizards, guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs, cats, ferrets, a parrot and more.

 Abs feeding the Parrot
 Abs with a white ferret

Then it was off to W.E.M.

 Dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory

Then back home

 Chrissy and Abs fooling around in the front yard

The last 2 pictures are of Zach with his medal for completing year 2 of Ball Hogz Ball Hockey. Congrats Zachy!

 Zach's Medal
 Zach in his jersey and medal

That's it for now.  Check back later for more updates.

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