Monday, June 23, 2014

Kindergarten Showcase

Today Chrissy and I went to Zach's Kindergarten Showcase.  Their year end performance with a few songs and then a picnic snack with Mum and Dad.  We had a great time and enjoyed Zach's songs.  Here are a few pictures and videos from the Showcase:

 Waving to Mum and Dad
 Big smiles

"Welcome Song"

 More big smiles
Standing beside his buddy Jake

"What Do You See?"

 Ready to perform
Zach's Buddy Kevin

"The Waves At The Beach"

"I'm A Little Star"

 Wearing the Oilers Star he made for the showcase
 Snack time
Sitting with Mummy
 Zach with his Mum and Dad
 Mummy/Zachy selfie

Great Job Zachy! Mum and Dad are very proud of you! We're now looking forward to Spending the day with Abby on Wednesday at her year end Carnival!!!

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