Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Main Event Gallimore Family BBQ

On Sunday afternoon Gallitown went over to Auntie Lynn and Uncle John's place for the annual Gallimore Family BBQ Main Event.  The first picture will tell you why it's dubbed the "Main Event".  Melt in your mouth Prime Rib done on the BBQ perfectly. I'm salivating just thinking about it. haha.  We had a great afternoon.  The weather was perfect and there is nothing better than being with family!

Steve drooling on the roast
 How did I end up by myself in the tub with all the kids?!?!
 Aiden came in for a dip with his Uncle B
 Auntie Lynn working on the roast
 Nice towel eh?
 Uncle Burke playing ball hockey with Zachy
 Aiden playing in the Jumpy Castle with Uncle Steve
 Hockey Boyz
 Ceremonial ball drop
 Sydney in the jumpy castle
 My beautiful niece Alyssa
 Aiden wanting a sip of whatever Grandad's drinking
 Trip, the 3 legged dog
 Chrissy and Grandad relaxing on the deck
 The ladies relaxing. Auntie Cynthia, Susan, Grammee and Jen
 Darrel and Courtney with little Annabelle
 Still playing ball hockey
 Abby watching Aiden closely
 Um...Steve...all the kids have left...
 Ok. They're back. Zach jumping over his Uncle
 Ally showing off the marshmallow she got from Auntie Lynn
 Little Annabelle snacking on a toy
 What a great picture of Mama and daughter
 Auntie Sue with her nephew Aiden
 Me and my crazy girl
 Oh Geez.  A Grandad photo bomb
 Syd wearing Aiden's Oiler hat to bug her Dad
 Syd, Abs and Aiden playing with some toys on the deck
 Trip relaxing on the deck
 A couple of cool dudes in their shades
 Aiden chewing on a Prime Rib bone.  Love it!!!

We had such a great afternoon.  I am pretty sure Steve has already booked the date for next year!

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