Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Canada Day 2014

On Canada day we were blessed to have the entire family over for a BBQ. Even Granny and Grandpa Venables from Montreal were able to make it :)
Below are a bunch of pictures from a fantastic day

 I put the sprinkler under the trampoline and the kids spent the whole afternoon jumping in the cold water
 Jumpin' away
 Mum relaxing in the sun
 Grandad and Granny relaxing in the shade
 Grandpa telling a story
 Grammee with Sue and Syd
 Playing keep away with the ball
 Enjoying in the cold sprinkler
 Zach jumping away
 Abby getting some sweet height
 My beautiful niece Sydney
 Oh Oh more balls
 Don't let them hit you
 Stevie and Chrissy
 Silly Grandpa
 Auntie Megs in here!
 Syd playing Frisbee
 Abs getting kisses from Granny
 My brilliant daughter
 Hugs from Grammee
 Ally and Zachy jumping away
 The girls playing
 My little Bear Bear saying hello to Daddy
 Gross haha
 What a beautiful dog!
 Ol' Duke keeping watch
 Moved the sprinkler into the yard
 Zachy drying off
 Love Ally's reaction to the cold water
 Big Poppa & Uncle Ian laughing at something
 The silly girls drinking from the sprinkler
 Cooling off
 Time for food. Zach and Grandpa showing off their grub
 The girls had a date
 Crazy Uncle Ian
 Hi Auntie Megs
 Poor Megs...Stevie wanted in on the pic
 Zach and Syd on their date
 So much food. awesome!
 Granny and Grandpa happy to be home for a bit
 Not sure what this is haha love it G!!!
 Syd and her beautiful Auntie Chrissy
 Got the Momma
 Grandad downing his burger
 Caught Grandpa mid bite
Little Aubrey came for dessert!!!

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