Thursday, July 31, 2014

Penticton 2014 - Part 1

On July 11th we set out on our annual family vacation to Penticton.  We traveled with Grammee and Grandad and were going to go half way on day one to Valemount, BC.  On our way we decided to stop at the breathtaking Maligne Canyon in Jasper, AB to go for a hike and take a break from driving.

 Zach in front of the Maligne river running through the canyon
 The kids
 Posing with Grammee and Grandad
 Holding hands!?!?! How'd we get a picture of that?
 Walking with Grandad
 Abs the model
 My cute girl
 And my crazy boy
 Best buds
 A cool pic of the kids exploring the canyon
 Big B walking with his Mommy and Daddy
 Up high on the rocks
 Abs posing on a giant boulder
 Me and my Mommy
 Old Eddie and Little Eddie checking out how high up they are
 My girl posing again
 Grandad posing with the tree
 Silly boys
 Old Eddie, Big Eddie and Little Eddie
 Abs walking with her Grammee. Grammee was such a trooper.  Even though her back was in a lot of pain she was able to walk with us and enjoy the sights.
 Big B and Lil C Selfie
 Zach hiking with Grandad
 Mum and Abs
 Taking a break
Zachy climbing up a rock
 Abs hopped up too
 Me and my little buddies
 Zach on one of the 6 bridges that cross the canyon
 Abby up high again
 That's how high
 There were a bunch of huge boulders...and the kids liked to climb them...and we like taking is what happens...haha
 I love this pic. My daughter is so awesome!
Balance beam..tree
My beautiful wife
 Daddy and kids selfie
 What a goofball
 A great pic of the canyon
 Group shot selfie
 Another couple selfie
 Abs in front of the Maligne river
 Zach got a little tired walking back up so h hitched a ride with Daddy
Mum and her little buddies

After the canyon hike we went into Jasper for supper.  On the way we saw...

 A huge elk. In a few posts from now you will see another pic of this guy. On our way home 2 weeks later.  We are pretty sure anyway...

We stopped for dinner at our favorite Jasper restaurant, the L&W.
 Mom ordered calamari and this was one of them. We thought it looked exactly like the sorting hat from Harry Potter. Eh? Eh? If I didn't eat it we could have made millions!!!

After supper went on our way to Valemount.

 A picture at a gas station in Blue river (actually on day 2)
 A couple of baby cubs watching the adults fight
 As much as driving for so long sicks the country is beautiful
 Once at the campground Mum let Zach help park the trailer (pull through site)

Selfie in the truck

Once parked we decided to let off a little steam before bed

 Model Abs
 Action shot of Zachy kicking the ball
 Abby the monkey climbing
 She is so strong!
 Zach dribbling the soccer ball
 Look at him go!
 Abs posing for her dad with the awesome mountain surrounding Valemount in the background

The next day we drove straight through to Penticton

 The Penticton sign on the hill
We made it. This is waiting for Dad to check in.

Stay tuned for more pics from our Family vacation in Penticton

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