Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Annabelle's First Birthday Party

On Sunday the 10th we helped celebrate Annabelle's 1st birthday.  Annabelle is my Cousin Courtney and Darrell's daughter. It was the coolest birthday party I've been to with jumpy castles, face painting, balloon animals, tons of food and candy and my favorite, SUMO wrestling for the adults!!!  Here are a few pictures and videos from the party.

Zach getting his face painted as a...
Ninja Turtle!!!
Abby getting her legs painted as...
Stars and butterflies
Close-up of the stars
This lady was so awesome! The painting was so cool! Here are the butterflies.

Time for SUMO Wrestling!!!!

Darrell and Steve getting ready
SUMO Steve

Here are 2 videos of SUMO Steve and SUMO Darrell battling

This one is of SUMO Steve trying the elbow drop and leg drop!!!

Abby and Annabelle watching the SUMO Wrestling
SUMO Brian and SUMO Burke
Ready? SUMO!!!
I got SUMO Burke down for the count!
Action pose! Go SUMO Brian!!!
The big boys battling

Here are two quick videos of SUMO Burke and SUMO Brian battling

SUMO wrestling was so tiring, especially when its sunny and 25C out!!!
Chrissy getting a sweet tattoo!!!
The Walrus and his Woman!!!
This lady was AWESOME!!!!!!!! so talented!
Leonardo with his two swords and balloon belt
Syd sitting with her Uncle George and Grandad
Burke got this tattoo done for Annabelle. He liked it so much he's thinking of getting it actually done!!! haha
Cake time! Go Annabelle Go!
She loved the cake!
Abby just loved spending time with Annabelle!
Abs and Annabelle playing
One last shot of the sweet Walrus tattoo! I totally want to get one but Chrissy won't let me :(

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