Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Calaway Park 2014 - Part 1 of 2

On the August long weekend Grandad and Grammee took all of us to Calaway Park for some fun camping and playing at the park.  We had such a great few days enjoying the rides and eating a bunch of mini donuts!!! Here are a bunch of pics from day 1:

In the car on the way to the park
The kids...and Auntie Sue pumped to get to the park!

So the day before we left the kids were not good.  Not well behaved at all. Guess what they had to do during the first ride...

 Sit and watch...
 Uncle Tom, Auntie Shauna and Little Tommy came and spent the day with us
 Chrissy and Uncle Ian going on the Model T cars together
 The Ginn's
 Keep your hands off my woman Burgee! haha

After the kids watched one ride they were able to start

 The Tom's pumped for round 2 on the Model T's
 Zach driving Big Poppa
 Put your hands in the air and scream!!!
 Bodyslam from Uncle Burgee
 Tommy the Stud between Abs and Ally
 Having fun in the pink car
 Uncle Ian on the swings
 Auntie Shauna ready to go
 Zachy and his Mum flying high
 The group up high on the swings
 Big smiles from Zachy and Mum
 Syd and her Dad
 Tommy and his Momma
 Abs and Ally taking Sue for a ride
 Zach and Grandad relaxing
 Abs and Ally on the drop of doom
 The three musketeers
 The Russell girls on the plane
 Put your hands in the air and scream!
 A full yellow plane
 Boys plane. #4 for Taylor Hall
 A couple of cool dudes
 Syd taking Grandad for a spin
 Flying high
 Uncle Tom and Abby on a crazy spinny thing
 Starting to speed up
 Poor Uncle Tom
 Abby's loving Tom is pretending to cry. Hilarious!
Ally and Little Tommy riding the Baja Buggies
Great shot of Tommy and Alyssa
Uncle Tom with his little buddies
Zachy and Syd crusin'
Hands in the air
Tommy and Zach riding in the back of the truck
Girls waiting their turn
Girls riding with Tommy
Stud smiling big
Abs and Ally on the swings
Zach and Syd on the swings
All four ready to go
Great pic of Alyssa
Syd loved the swings!
A nice pic of Abby on the carousal
Geez Burgess! Get away from my woman! haha
Stevie riding with Ally, Zach and Syd
Syd on the bi-planes
Zach enjoying the bi-planes
Abs smiling big
Zach found the bumper cars. His favourite ride
Auntie and uncle cheering him on
Love this pic
Ally and Zach loving riding with Uncle Ian
Uncle Stevie riding the eggs with Abs and Sydney
Riding together on the eggs
Like this pic. Both kids with their hand on Uncle Ian's lap. Very sweet
Huge smiles
Oh geez. Huge hugs
Girls boat
Boys boat
Waiting in line for the bumper cars
Zachy in his favourite green car
Ally ready to ride
Abs on the hunt for Zach
Syd ready to hit anything that gets in her way
Boom. Got Zach from behind
Head on crash with Ally
Abs got Zach again!
Love the smiles
  Ally sneaking up on Zach
Zach selfie on the Model T
Daddy/Zach selfie
Z&S on the train
What a cutie
Old School Gallimore pic. Family time is so important!
Daddy/Abs selfie by the swing which she convinced me to go on.
Getting ready to go
The girls are pumped
Crazy Uncle Ian
Selfie with the girls in the air
Great pic of the girls loving the swings
Flying high
Abs with little Tommy at lunch
Snuggles with Tommy
Great smiles from these crazy cats!
Zach in front of one of the old school Flintstone statues.
The girls won a few cool touques. more touque pictures in post 2.

Check back later for more pictures in Calaway Park 2014 Part 2 of 2

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