Friday, August 01, 2014

Penticton 2014 - Part 2

We finally got to Penticton...sigh...a much needed vacation!  We golfed. We beached. We relaxed. We ate like kings. A perfect vacation.  Here are a bunch of pictures and videos from the first few days.

On the first tee at Twin Lakes. One of my most favorite courses
Abby trying on a sweet hat at Walmart
Ally & Abs. Goofballs
Ummmm like Father like son? The Twin Towers? Scary how similar we least from the back...haha
Time to dunk the Old Man. An annual tradition.  Video below:

Syd enjoying the water
Zachy playing ball
One of our favorite meals. Kabob with BBQ''d potatos and corn
Daddy/Zachy Pose Down
Check out the pipes on these guys
Don't mess with us
Oh Yeah
Me and my boy
Big B Lil C Selfie in lake Skaha
Cordell buried Zachy in the sand
Abs playing with Erica and her pet alligator
Syd splashing around
Zach getting ready to surf
Swimming out at the dock
Zach playing in the sand
Abs swimming.  She swam so much. Never got out of the lake.
Cordell giving Grammee a sand make-over
Zach too
Silly boys pouring sand all over poor Grammee
Abs enjoying a snack
Uncle Jeff and Cousin Chloe enjoying the beach
Silly pose
Great smile
More sand pouring on Grammee by Cordell
All the kids got in on it
Poor Grammee
My beautiful wife enjoying the water
Playing with her boy
Mum will always be tougher than you Zachy boy!!!
Zach swimming
There were a bunch of forest fires in the area our first week which is sad but the cool thing was is we saw bombers coming in and out all day long.
Zach and Cordell surfing
Here's a video of Ally, Abby and Chloe running into the lake
These 3 girls never got out of the water
Zach playing with Cordell
Uncle B and Sydney selfie
Grammee helping Cordell surf
The girls diving
The twin Towers again
My good looking boy
What a couple of goofballs
Zach balancing quite well on his board
Down he goes
Into the water
That's Cordell landing in the water in front of Zach
Try again!
Uncle jeff playing some football with his best buddy...
Kevin. Note: That ball has been thrown in that lake for 20+ years
Syd enjoying the water
Abby swimming again
Chloe swimming.  She is such a great swimmer!!!
Ally running up onto the beach
Mum chasing Zach
Nice Muscles
Uncle Jeff and I on the first Tee at Twin Lakes.  We Dominated!!!
Silly Syd in the water
Syd and Grammee
Erica swimming in the lake
Sue and Alyssa
Ally under the water holding her breath
Abby piggy-backing her Mum in the water
Ally underwater again
I love this pic. Me and my girl in the lake. Paradise.
And a lick for good measure lol
What a good looking guy...NOT!
A view of the beach from the water
Underwater Selfie
A Selfie with my girl. love this pic too.
Abs swimming away
Close up
Underwater selfie
Abs underwater
What a great swimmer she has become!
Blowing bubbles
A pic of Chrissy from beneath the water
A great pic of Zachy and his Momma
Spraying Daddy
We had lots of fun with the water guns
Family Selfie
Oh Geez, Look out
Piggy-backing Mum again
Zachy underwater
Cuddling with Abs in the water
A nice pic of Cordell
A silly pic of Cordell from under the water
The Russell girls having a snack
Stevie relaxing
G too
back at the campground the boys playing cars outside the trailer
Nothing better than boys playing cars
Abs relaxing at the beach
Check back in a few days from some more pics from our Penticton Vacation

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