Monday, August 04, 2014

Penticton 2014 - Part 3

One day we decided to go down the Canal.  The canal runs from Lake Okanagan to Lake Skaha, the entire length of Penticton. It was a bunch of fun riding the canal with the whole crew.

Ally eating waffles on the canal...yes...leftover waffles from breakfast
The Russells floating
Chloe relaxing
The whole crew
Cam Hall surfing the canal
Syd floating with her Mom
A couple of silly boys in the boat. Korrdell and Zach
Grandad playing with his water gun
A nice pic of Ruthie Hall floating down the canal
Pam and Korrdell
Grandad safe in the middle of everyone
Those boys being sill standing in the boat
And dancing in the boat! haha
Abs and Ally sharing a floatie
Chrissy enjoying a nice float

Since the canal took a little longer than expected we decided to spice things up a little with the kids and have Tickleberries for dinner!!!

Mmmmmmmmmm Dinner time
The girls enjoying their ice cream

Then after dinner we went to play at the beach. It was wonderful to have the place basically to ourselves.

Playing in the lake
G and Chrissy evening shot
Me and my girl
Mum and her girl
Chloe and the girls doing what they do best...swim and have fun
Mum and her boy
Great smiles
What a stud with the sunset in the background! haha
A nice evening family shot
Selfie with the crew playing behind her
Chris with her buddy Stevie
Zachy digging
The girls swimming
Chrissy's pretty feet
and her foot prints
Writing in the sand
Zachy writing his name
Full name. atta boy
Steve and I were partners vs the old guys one morning. We dominated although it was weird being on the same team as him.

Back to the beach
Sitting around
Digging again
Abs and Ally doing some digging
Chrissy sitting around

On the Saturday night we went to the Penticton speedway for hit to pass and a demolition derby.  Always a bunch of fun!

Zach with the Number 55 Coca Cola Car
The cars were pretty loud. Good thing we brought ear plugs.  Here are the three Eddies enjoying the races
Mum and Abs
Zach and Korrdell
Selfie at the track
The boys showing their "Guns". Each taking a different approach. Love it!!!
Watching the cars in the pit
The sweet Young Guns Trailer!
Zach and his Momma
Me and my buddy Korrdell being silly
The Young Guns trailer ready for the demolition derby
Snack time
Mum and her silly boy
 A picture of the aftermath of the demolition derby
 Pieces of car and trailer and boat everywhere!
A panorama view of the track

Here are a couple of videos from the last demolition derby. Hilarious!!!

The next day we told Zach to go get dressed and this is what I found

Zach reading Uncle Si's book in the nude! haha
That's better!

Back to the beach

Zach suntanning
Suntanning with Mum
Zach and Korrdell playing keep away from Auntie Janet
Better throw the ball high Zach!
Looks like Janet may intercept this one
Ally swimming
Zach trying to take Auntie Janet down
You got her buddy!
Chloe and Ally swimming
Heading out to the dock
Great pic of Janet and Zachy playing. Huge smiles.
Ally doing a pencil jump off the dock
Back to tanning
Smiles from Alyssa
Me and my buddy Syd snacking
A nice pic of Christine
Chloe relaxing
Korrdell playing ball
Zach and Korrdell playing
Nice pose Zach! Karate!
The 3 Musketeers out swimming again!
All three under water
Chloe swimming
Thumbs up underwater
A great pic of Chloe and Abs
Up the shoulders trick
Another pencil jump
Abs doing a pencil jump
Nice jump!
All three jump at the same time
Big jump from Chloe
Great smile Ally!
That's my girl
With her Auntie Chloe
Another great swimming smile from Abs
Another shoulder trick
A great pic of Ally waving underwater
Underwater Ally
What a goof ball.

Check back later for a few more pics from Penticton...

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