Friday, August 08, 2014

Penticton 2014 - Part 4

Here are more pictures from our family vacation to Penticton that include a trip to Loco Landing Mini golf, family pictures on the beach and of course the beach.  There's also a sweet video of the kids rocking out to "Thunderstruck" by ACDC!

Uncle Jeff with the swimming girls
Chloe with her little buddy Ally
Uncle Jeff and Chloe
The surfin' boyz
Zachy boy
With his beautiful Mum
Me and my woman!
Thumbs up

One night we went out for dinner to Joey's Only and then to play a little mini golf at Loco Landing

Worms and dirt for desert
Chrissy and Grandad
Me and my Mom
Silly boy
With his silly Grandad
Abs dancing
with her Grammee
Oh geez, I don't even know what to say
Grandad lining up a putt
JeffJack in action
Boyz team
The girls putting out
Girlz team
Go girls go
Grandad getting serious
Abs smiling for the camera
Zach and Grandad fooling around
Girls dancing again
Zach watching JeffJack closely
Hugs from Grammee
Boyz win! was there ever any doubt!  (It was close. only by 2 strokes)
Good job girls

Back to the beach

The kids suntanning
Big B snacking
The girls swimming
Kisses from Big Poppa
Grammee floating by Grandad
Playing with the Batman monster truck
G Reading
The girls floating
What a nice smile! haha
Suntanning again
Grammee relaxing
Stevie reading
Grandad reading
Uncle Jeff reading
Ian Hall. The kids LOVED playing with Ian.  He is so awesome!
Sitting on the dock
Ally pencil jump
Huge crazy jump
Jumping for the surfboard
Ian and Korrdell's sandcastle

Back at the campground...

Duck visiting Grandad's site
Chrissy ready to go out on the town
Syd and Zachy being silly
More funny faces
They helped Auntie make the salad for dinner
Great Job Syd

One night we went up to Twin Lakes golf course to see Al and Janet's new Motor home.  On the way up I introduced them to the song "Thunderstruck" by ACDC.  A bunch of the guys use this song to get pumped up for our golf rounds each morning.  Here's a video of the kids rocking out

Some pic's up at the course

Zach and I with hole one behind us
Me and my boy
LOVE this pic
I was showing him all the holes you can see from the first tee
The Petersen's awesome new motor home

The next day Bob, Al, Steve and I went to Fairview Mountain golf course for our annual Gallimore vs Honeychurch match.  Gallimore's dominated this year!

Pa and I on the 6th hole

That evening we went out for dinner and then took a bunch of great family pictures on lake Okanagan
The whole crew
From left to right: Fran, Chloe, Ally, Jeff, Zach, Brian, Abby, Chrissy, Susan, Steve, Syd and Bob
Gramme and Grandad with their Grandkids
Crazy faces
The Russells
Jeff and Chloe
Great pic
The Gallimores
Another Gallimore pic
Close up
Love this pic with the Penticton sign in the background
My awesome kids
Posing nice for Dad
Crazy time
Abby looking so perfect
Ta Da
They DO love each other
The pretty Russell girls
Great smiles girls
The 4 kids. Sure do love these kids!
That's better! a natural pic. haha
How high. love this pic too.
Big B and Lil C
Being silly
Me and my wifey looking good
WOW!!! just...WOW...
G and Stevie looking good!
Great pic!
Even better. what great smiles Stevie!
Jump! haha
Oh geez
And again

Check back soon for the final installment of Penticton pics and then we have some great pictures from Calaway Park!

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