Saturday, August 09, 2014

Penticton 2014 - Part 5

This is the final post from our annual family vacation to Penticton.  Below are a bunch of pictures the park, the campground, the beach and the drive home.

 Abs and Ally eating lunch together

After lunch we went to the park to play for a bit

 Syd taking the girls for a drive
 The balance beam
 Ring the ladybug
 Abs pushing Syd on the swings
 Ally and Chloe swinging
 Chloe on the adult swing
 Abby trying it out
 Absolutely LOVE this pic. I think I was pretty creative with this selfie!!!
 Ally on the adult swing
 Again, sweet selfie. Love this pic
 Upside down Abs
 Morning snuggles while Daddy is golfing
 Abs taking pictures of her buddy Ally
 Daddy and Abs looking cool
 G cooking pancakes

Below are a few pics that Abby took with her camera of her friends

 This picture IS Sydney.  Vintage Syd!!!
 Ally pose
 Another nice shot of Alyssa
 Syd smile
 Abby selfie

Back to the beach

 Zachy swimming
 Abs and Ally swimming
 The girls suntanning again
 Abs and Grandad
 Abs and Grammee
 The girls doing yoga on the beach
 Pretty cute
 Zach decided to take his Dad's yoga style...sitting around haha
 Grammee and Abs
 Uncle Stevie building sandcastles
 From one of our 2 days of rain over two weeks. not too bad.
 Chloe and the girls digging
 The kids and their Mum enjoying the sun
 Great shot of Abs
 Another great shot in the water
 A pic of Zachy from under the water
 Syd playing
 G floating
 Abs underwater
 Alyssa blowing bubbles
 A neat shot of Abby and Chloe underwater
 Chrissy and Zach
 Big B underwater
 Daddy boy selfie
 Me being a mean big brother and soaking my sister
 My whale dive
 So she decided to join me! awesome. Synchronized whale dives
 We should see if Seaworld wants our act! haha
 Look out Chrissy! Here comes the Walrus!!!
 This is a pic of Alyssa eating MY SANDWICH!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
 Last trip to Tickleberries
 Last ice cream of the vacation
 Good times

Then it was time to head home

 Abby helping Mum park the trailer at Irvin's Campground in Valemount, BC
 Zachy playing hockey with Alyssa
 And Syd
 The campground is so peaceful
 And the mountains so big and majestic
 This is an elk just outside of Jasper.  We are 99% positive it is the same elk we saw on the trip to Penticton. We zoomed in on the antlers and they are identical. The picture from the elk on the way there is in blog post 1. check it out and see if we are correct.
 Mountain goat
Lots of mountain goats

That's it folks. What a great vacation. Can't wait till next year.  Stay tuned for pics from Calaway Park on the August Long Weekend

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