Saturday, August 30, 2014

PING and G8

During our family vacation in Penticton each year we hold a golf tournament called the PING. It has been running for the last 24 years. The trophy goes to the most consistent golfer of the week.  This year I won and o celebrate we had a pool party at the Petersen's.

 My cute little niece Syd ready to swim
 Abs swimming
 She loves the pool
 The crew hopping in
 My beautiful wifey
 Syd swimming
 Huge smiles from Abby and...
 Abs helping Grammee into the pool
 Zachy relaxing with Mum
 Silly Alyssa
 G, Grandad and Stevie relaxing by the pool
 Time for ice cream sundaes!!!
 Zach jumping into the pool
 Here is a video of Zachy's Cannonball

Time for the PING Presentation
 The winner puts on the kilt...
 And the green jacket
 Barely fits! haha
 And the presentation from last years winner...Grammee
 Victory tastes so sweet!
The 2014 PING Champion. Brian "Walrus" Gallimore

Last weekend I went on my annual golf trip with the boys. The G8. The location changed this year but was still had a ton of fun and some great golf was had!

 Brad sitting around the fire
 The Clydesdales passing out the butter tarts!
 I think we tired Jeff out after day 1
 Stevie kept the fire going all night!
 Walrus vs Flying Squirrel
 Walrus vs GROG
 At Wolf Creek golf course
 JeffJack vs Walrus
 Walrus vs T-Rex
 Young Guns vs Twin Towers
The sweet golf cart at Ponoka that Dwight got us

The 2014 G8 boys:
Brad "Skunk" Reiter, Jeff "JeffJack" Simmons, Al "GROG" Petersen, Bob "Big Dawg" Gallimore, Brian "Walrus" Gallimore, Dwight "Coach" Anthony, Steve "Flying Squirrel" Russell, and Ian "T-Rex" Burgess

The winners of G8 2014: The Clydesdales.

Al "GROG" Petersen and Bob "Big Dawg" Gallimore

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