Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Random August Pics

Below are a few random pics from the month of August

Zach and I were very lucky to go with Grandad and Uncle Jeff to the premier of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.  We had so much fun and we got treated like royalty at the theatre thanks to Uncle Jeff!

Uncle Jeff got us sweet TMNT 3D glasses!
 Donatello and Leonardo
 Zach posing with the Turtles
 The next morning at breakfast. cute.

One evening when we were Facetiming with Grandpa and Granny, Grandpa challenged the kids to make him some penguins out of LEGO. I have to say I was pretty impressed with what they came up with!

Zach's penguin Phil
Great job Zachy
Abby's Penguin Phil
Awesome job Abby!!!

On Sunday the  17th Abby and I got up and went golfing with Uncle Keith, Jonah and Logan. Zach was very sick and wasn't able to make it.

 Eating breakfast before we went
 The kids with their clubs
 Jonah putting
 This was Jonah and Logan's first time golfing and they had a blast
 Abigail putting
 Logan putting
 Abby getting ready to tee off with the Big Dawg!
 These three did so well! I was very proud of them!
 Ok, they were a little crazy too! haha

One night we went in to give Abby one more kiss before we went to bed and this is how we found her. What a goofball!

 She had made a pretty comfortable bed on the floor haha
 My two beautiful dogs! Bear and Duke. What awesome dogs!

The company I work for is going through a lot of changes and I lost my company car this month as a result of one of them. This meant we had to visit Uncle Darrell at Team Ford and see what he could do for us.

 We cleaned up our GMC Truck
 Zach was a very big help!
 We said good bye to the GMC Sierra...
 We said good bye to the GMC Envoy...
 We said good bye to the company car...
 And Uncle Darrell took good care of us!!!!
 Zach checking out a Ford F150
 Checking out a Ford Escape
 This is what I wanted...sigh...someday...

And sold.
 Chrissy and her new Escape
 Me and my new Truck
We are Very Very happy! If you're in the market for a new car or truck let me know and I'll hook you up at Team Ford!!!

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