Tuesday, September 02, 2014

The Calgary Zoo & A Visit With The Ginns

On the Labour Day long weekend we went down to Calgary for a visit with Tom, Shauna and Little Tommy. Chrissy and I took the Friday off and we met the Ginns at the Calgary Zoo. We had an awesome time checking out the cool animals.

Abby and Zach with Phil the Penguin
Auntie Shauna posing with the Penguin crew
The kids loved the giant Penguin
Abby showing little Tommy the outdoor penguins
Waiting to get in to see the penguins
Little Tommy
Here we go. The Penguins are our favourite!
Rock hopper penguins look so cool but we learned they are very mean
Zach loved the Penguins
Mom and her baby behind her
Hello Friend
Cool pic
Ninja in front of penguins
I love these guys
This is B the penguin. chubby and lying down on the job
The penguin exhibit had some rules we had to obey
Oops...Abby and I may have got in trouble...hehe
Tommy watching the little Penguins
Maybe they aren't mean penguins
We didn't actually go see the dinosaur exhibit but we checked out the entrance
Striking a pose
Abby loved the African exhibit. Giraffes, Hippos and more
The kids checking out Timon
A good looking Meerkat
Tommy and Abs checking out a sweet porcupine
Zach loved scaring Mum. Mum doesn't like the big snakes. This one is a huge African Boa Constrictor
A Gallitown favourite, the Hippos
These guys are so huge.  They're heads are gigantic!
One of the Giraffes
Always eating
They are so huge in person!
Abby loved the giraffes
Checking out the Zebras
Abby was even wearing a Zebra shirt to the zoo
The Tom's smiling in front of the Zebras
I wish this picture turned out a little better. The Lions were basking in the sun.
Lazy Lions
A cool pic of the Lions
The kids playing
Little Tommy sure loves his Abby
A couple of good looking Zebras
Zach and Pumba
Abby telling Tommy all about the Warthogs
A good shot of one of the Gorillas
The Gorillas are so much like humans it is crazy
When he looks at you it is so eerie
A cool fish tank
A large tortoise
Fruit Bat chowing down on a banana
Zachy and the Gator
The zoo's Silverback relaxing in the sun. So cool.
Zachy and Auntie Shauna being silly
The Gorillas were fun to watch
This is a Mandrill monkey. A type of baboon.
Cool monkeys
This is a shot of Little Tommy and Shauna pushing Zach in the stroller
Abs and the Flamingos
Alice the Camel has 2 humps
The Calgary zoo recently relocated their elephants to a few different places (http://www.calgaryzoo.com/keep-it-wild/elephant-relocation-faqs) and have replaced them with a Rhino
He, and trust me, we know it's a he, was very cool
A huge animal with a thick tough coat
One of the new additions with the Rhino are some Kimono Dragons. There is a Mom and 4 babies at this time. This is one of the babies.
This is a neat pic of Big and Little Tom checking out the baby Kimono Dragon
Another great pic
These little guys were very active and pretty cool to watch.
Zach riding a baby Rhino
Zachy checking out a Rhino horn
The kids are climbing on a statue of a full size Kimono Dragon
Here is the Mom Kimono Dragon. She was hiding the whole time.
We went back out and got to see the Rhino up close as he ate a snack.
Abby with Mr. Rhino in the background
I apologize for this picture but I just had to post it. The Rhino seemed to like eating if you know what I'm saying. Now picture this. It was huge. My kids clearly saw it. Guess who had to explain that? geez **blush**
Watching the happy Rhino eat his snack that he clearly is loving
A few smaller monkeys
The Ginn boys fooling around
Some napping Snow Leopards
These little guys were cute. Red Pandas
Zach in front of a huge wild boar
A really nice pic of one of the zoos Tigers
This is a wild Sasquatch we saw sitting high on some rocks
Abs on a Cougar
Eddie on the Zebra
Abs riding a Zebra
Tommy on an Elephant trunk
Abigail on the Elephant
Zach and the Moose
Finally Abby on a Camel
The kids relaxing before a meal at BP's
Zach and his Phil balloon he got a BP's
Abs and a Turtle balloon she got at BP's
The three kids. Tommy, Abby and Zachy
Abs and Tommy
Zach and his buddy Tommy

We had a great weekend in Calgary. Thanks Tom and Shauna for everything.

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