Sunday, October 19, 2014

Abby's 8th Birthday Party

Yesterday we had Abby's 8th Birthday Party.  She chose a Monster High theme.  9 of her best friends came over and we all had a great time crafting, playing games and eating cake! A huge thanks to Sue and Steve for driving Zach around and helping at the party!!!  Here are a bunch of pictures from the afternoon.

 Nice pose Daddy (Note, this was before the kids came over! haha)
 The birthday girl
 A couple of cuties in their Monster High shirts

As a part of the party each girl took their picture with Abby and decorated a picture frame. We got the pictures printed and then the girls got to go home with a framed picture from the party.

  Ava and Abby
 Kaylyn and Abs
 Scarlett and Abigail
 Kassidy and my girl
 Cera and Abs
 Abby & Abby
 Cousin Ally and Cousin Abby
 Emma and Abigail
Alyssa and Abby
 Abby F wanted to pose down
 Nice pose from Kassidy
 Time to color
 Kaylyn, Scarlett and Abs
 Emma, Abby, Kassidy and Cera
 Ava and Ally
 The Party girls. G and Lil C
 Group shot
 Funny pose. Love it. These girls are great!
 Kassidy ready for the next game
 Ally waiting to find out what's next
 Great toothless smile from Scarlet
 Abby and Cera giggling (That happened a lot!)
 Kass and Emma

Time to play pin the bow on the Monster High Skullette

 Abby got to go first
 Big smiles under the scarf
 Pretty good!
 Cera's turn
 Auntie Chrissy checking to see if Ally can see. Hilarious!
 Lots of fun and laughs!
 Go Ally Go
 The birthday girl
 Scarlett's turn
 The girls had so much fun. Giggling all afternoon!
 Kass, Emma and Alyssa waiting their turn
 I don't know what Chrissy is saying to Abby F but she was giggling bigtime!
 What out Steve! Abby's coming to pin the bow on you!
 Can you see Kassidy? haha
 Easy does it
 Ava's turn to pin the bow
 Oh geez! to the left Ava, to the left!
 Emma smiling away
Kaylyn's turn
 Alyssa's turn
 Party animal
 Time to decorate their picture frames
 Lots of stickers and felt pens
 Everyone is focused
 The girls did not too bad!
 Speaking of party animals!
 Chrissy and Sue were out of control!

Time for Abby to open up a few presents

 Opening with Cera
 And Kassidy
 Opening Kaylyn's gift
 And Ally's too
 Opening with Ava
 Crazy time
 These girls all had fun but were so polite! I wonder if we will get that with Zach's friends next week? haha
 She's nuts! the life of the party! Abby F and Cera.
 Opening with Emma
 And Abby F
 Chrissy worked so hard. She planned this whole party and it went so well!!!! Thanks so much Chrissy! Abby had so much fun and appreciates it so much!
Alyssa and Abby
A great picture with Scarlett
 Group shot - snack time
 Sitting patiently waiting for the next game - Make a Mummy!!!
 Ally wrapping Kassidy
 Abs wrapping Emma
 Abby F wrapping Cera
 Looking good Cera
 Scarlett wrapping Kaylyn
 Ava wrapping Alyssa
 Emma turning into a Mummy
 Ally and her Mummy Kassidy
 The Alyssa Mummy
 Kassidy wrapping Ally
 Scarlet finishing up on Kaylyn
 Looking good Ally
 Great job Ava!
 Nice job on Kaylyn Scarlet
 Great job wrapping Cera Abby
 Cool! Ally all wrapped up by Kassidy!
 Emma wrapping up Abby
 Cera wrapping Abby F
 Looking good birthday girl!
 "Can't move"
Ava all wrapped up by Alyssa
 The cake
 Great job wrapping Scarlet Kaylyn
 Where's Abby F go?
 Ready for cake!
 Happy birthday my girl!
 Blowing out her candles
 A nice sneaky smiles for her dad taking pictures
 What a crazy crew

Pinata Time!!!

 Swing hard Abby
 Get it Ava
 Swing hard Alyssa
 You got this Emma
 A mighty swing from Kassidy
 Go Cera Go
 Over the shoulder from Ally
 Abby got to clean it up at the end and bust it open
 Grab as much as you can
 Arm full

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