Monday, October 27, 2014

Zachy's 6th Birthday Party

Big Zach had his 6th birthday party on Saturday.  He had 11 friends over for the Halloween themed party.  The kids had a great time decorating masks, frames, going through a haunted room, pin the nose on the pumpkin and pounding on the pinata.  Zach had so much fun. What a great afternoon.  Another huge thanks to Uncle Steve for helping out at the party!!!

Zach the Policeman
A Copper
Zach and Kevin
Zachy and his buddy Cami
Zach and Camryn are best friends at school and daycare
Zach with Korrdell
Jacob and Zach
Captain America Jake and Zach
Bumblebee and Cop
Oh, that's Jackson and Zachary
Lucas and Zach being silly
Zachy with his little cousin Sydney. So cute!
Zach with his beautiful cousin Alyssa the cowgirl!
Storm Trooper and Big Eddie
I mean Carter and Zachy
Nate and Zach. Love the hulk costume!
The crew smiling
and being super silly!!!
Decorating masks
These boys are crazy!
Good smiles from the west side of the table
Jake trying to pose with little Syd haha
The birthday boy!!!
My silly adorable niece Sydney
Korrdell coloring his skeleton
What a good looking Sumo Wrestler
Me and the cutest Ninja Turtle ever!!!
Syd coloring
Ally focused on her mask
Cami coloring a scary black cat
Carter and Kevin making cool masks
Zachy working on his mask
Dracula Jacob
Syd the Witch
Carter with a scary skeleton mask
Frankenstein Jackson
Skeleton Korrdell
Ally the witch with Cami the cat
What a goofball
Group pick with all their masks
The crew waiting their turn for the pinata
Zach got to swing first
He clobbered that skull really good a few times.
Korrdell with a mighty swing
I don't think Cami ever stops smiling
I was being mean to the kids hiding the pinata so they couldn't hit it. Poor Ally.
Jacob swinging like a superhero
Hulk Smash
Carter with nice form
Jake taking a big swing
Jackson about to nail that skull
Syd getting blind folded
Go Syd Go
Kevin's turn! Go big guy.
After each kid got a blindfolded swing Zach got to seal the deal with his eyes open.
A mad scramble for candy
Get as much as you can

Time to open presents

With Carter
And silly Kevin
And Camryn
Ally and Jake watching Zach patiently
Syd sitting with Jackson and Nate
silly boys
A hug from Cami
Opening with Jacob
Carter relaxing
Opening with the Sterling boyz
Opening with Korrdell
and Alyssa
and Nate
Great picture of the two youngest cousins
Jacob and Zachy

We then decorated some frames that the kids would go home with. We had the pictures printed so they would each have a little keepsake from the party

Ally decorating her frame
Korrdell showing off his handiwork
Cami placing her stickers carefully

While the kids were decorating their frames they each got to take a turn going through the haunted room Chrissy and I made for them.

 Zach and Carter going through first
Pic gives you a bit of an idea of what we did.
Time for a snack
Syd and some posing boys
These boys are funny!
Ally being silly with the boys
The noseless pumpkin
Zach was first up to pin the nose on the pumpkin. What a great picture with his huge smile!
Close Zachy
Cami's turn
closer... this one...
Jake getting some help from Chrissy
Carter's turn
Syd didn't want the blindfold so we trusted her haha
Ally's turn
Looks like Nate is going to pin the nose on Ally
Getting closer
Korrdell's turn
What a great smile from Korrdell
Good job Korrdell
Kevin's turn
Looks like Kevin is trying to pin the nose on Nate
"How'd I do?"
Birthday Cake time
I can't believe our little man is 6 already.
Blow out the candles Zachy
Zach and his friends loved his Ninja Turtle cake
What a goofball!
Ally and her buddy Jake
Chrissy handing out the cake
Little Syd ready for cake
Hat's gotta be sideways to eat cake!!!
Abby got home from a different party and played Halloween bingo with the kids.
All the kids concentrating hard.
"B12"...ok, not really. More like "Black Cat"
Mr. Smiley
Getting close to a Bingo
Kevin the Skeleton

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