Saturday, November 15, 2014

Halloween 2014

I am sorry these took so long to post. Been busy.  Here are a bunch of pictures from the Halloween season.

As most of you know, I have moved to a new company after 9 years at Economical. I now work for Peace Hills Insurance and after two weeks I am very happy. I think this is going to be a really good move for me and my family! 

One of the reasons I know Peace Hills is going to be a great place to work is on my fourth day of work I enjoyed the annual Halloween Party. It was so awesome how much the entire office got into the spirit of things. So much fun. Here are a few pictures from my office party:

 My department had a biker theme
 Our biker bar
 The girls spent a lot of time decorating
 All the departments come around and check out what everyone has done.
 Spiders in Personal Lines
 Our CEO dressed as a french painter
 Spooky dining room in accounting
 A jail scene in Corporate
 My boss Neil being arrested by Corporate
 My department. All dressed up biker style. Like my beard?
 Mario and a dragon in BC Commercial
 Biker B

Zach's Birthday was on the 30th. We celebrated as a family eating Zach's favorite dinner (Chicken, rice, corn and of course sesame sauce) and after had a monster cake for dessert.

 Abby brought out the cake.
 Zachy blowing out the candles
 Zach got a new hockey bag for his birthday

After dinner, we carved pumpkins for Halloween night

 Abs and I carving her pumpkin
 Abs and Big Poppa carving
 Zach and Mum carving
 Scoop out the goop Zachy
 Zach made a car pumpkin!!!
 Abby made a spooky face
 All lite up in the bathroom
 All lite up in the dark. Kids did a great job!!!
 In Canada you just get used to bundling up to go trick or treating
 The cheerleader and cop going door to door
 First stop was at Grammee and Grandad's
 A quick pose with Grammee before they hit a bunch more houses.

We decorated our house up to attract the kids

 Milk jug ghosts lining the driveway
 We had fun making these ghosts
 Gallitown pumpkins. Frankenstein, Ghost, Car and Spooky Face
Scary skeleton in the window.

We had lots of fun at Halloween this year. Check back soon for pictures of our trip to VEGAS!!!

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