Tuesday, December 09, 2014

phiXmas and Pictures with Santa

This past weekend Chrissy and I went to our first Peace Hills Christmas Party.  The party was in Jasper this year. We got a nights accommodation at the Sawridge hotel and the party was Saturday night. Jasper was beautiful as always and we had so much fun at the party! A huge thank you to my new employer for putting on quite the party!

Driving to Jasper with my girlfriend
  Stopped at Original Joe's for lunch and had some fun with the coasters
 I look good with a stash
 Heading into the mountains
 We saw 2 herds of Elk and a herd of Mountain Goats just outside Jasper
 Dressed and ready to head to the party
 One last selfie before we head down
 We had so much fun at the party. Here's Chrissy with some of the ladies. Cheers!
 Party Time

In the morning, after breakfast, we took advantage of the awesome weather and walked main street Jasper

 Jasper Selfie
 Chrissy and I with Jasper the Bear
 Chrissy and big Jasper the bear
 Big B and Jasper the Bear
 Me and my wifey
 Time to head home. A nice day to drive home.
 Mountains looking good again
 This herd of Mountain Goats were right on the road
 Little guy
 Big Guy
 Jasper is Chrissy and my favorite place and by the pictures you can see why.

Last night we went with the kids to see Santa with the Russells.  The kids got to sit with Santa and tell him what they want for Christmas

 Zach telling Santa what he wants
 Abby telling Santa what she wants
 Big smile from Abs
 Abby making Santa laugh
 What a great picture of the kids with Santa

16 days until Christmas!!!

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