Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ford Small Stars

On January 4th Zach's Timbits hockey team got to play in the Ford Small Stars game in the Intermission at the Oilers game.  A HUGE thank you to Uncle Darrell for giving Zach's team the opportunity! The kids had so much fun as you will see by the pictures and videos below:

We had to get to Rexall Place pretty early to make sure we were all organized and ready to go. Before the kids got dressed they were taken through a pretty vigorous warm-up

 Starting warm-up
 Touch your toes

Here are a couple of videos of the kids warming up:

Then it was time to suit up and get ready to play!

 Zach was #8 on the Blue Team
 Team Blue
 Zach's entire team
 I love this picture!
 The boys ready to give the Oilers a high 5 as they come off the ice.


 This pic was taken at home before we took off to the game.  Zach was lucky to have Granny and Grandpa in town to come to the game.  He also had his Grandad, Uncle Jeff and Auntie Madi at the game watching.  Very cool.
 Abs meeting a cheerleader
 What a good looking crew in their Oiler jerseys!!!
 Abs being silly waiting for the game to start
 Another great picture
 Grandpa and Abby taking in the sights

Time for the Ford Small Stars game to begin

 Game on
 I Love this pic! Chrissy got a shot of Zach on the jumbotron. #8 Blue going after the puck!
 Battling along the boards
 Getting up after a spill
 Taking off after the puck...or falling...not sure...haha
 Action shot
 The crew playing on Rexall ice
 Playing defence
 Now that's a scrum!
 Another good action shot of Zach chasing the puck
 Very cool.

Here's a video Chrissy took of the 3 minute Ford Small Stars game

After the game, we got the kids changed and then up to their seats for popcorn, pop and to watch the rest of the game.

Zach made it on the jumbotron again when they showed his team during a commercial break.

What a great night. Lots of fun and the boys didn't stop smiling all night long.

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