Thursday, January 01, 2015

Pictures and videos from the Christmas season and New Years

Below is a ton of pictures and a couple of videos we have taken over the past 2 weeks.  Hockey, Christmas, New years and more. Enjoy...

 Zach playing goalie for the first time
 Looking good
 So cool
 Go Zach Go

Below are a few pics from the kids last practice before Christmas

 Stick handling
 Santa came for a visit
 The kids were so excited
 Picture with Santa
 Big smiles for Santa
 Zach getting tips from Santa
 Each kid got a little present from Santa. Mini stick. How fitting!
 Back to getting ready for goal
 He was so pumped to play net
 warming up
 Gallimore #4
 waiting for his next shot
 Now out of net. taking the face-off
 On the bench for a break.

 Out shopping for Mum for Christmas
 Ran into Cera
 Me in a Christmas bow-tie the girls at work bought me to wear! Loving my new job by the way!
 Chrissy and I looking good at my Christmas party in Jasper

Went on a sleigh ride down candy cane lane

 Me and my buddy Syd
 Group selfie
 With Syd
 And my Mamma
 With my girl
 and my Daddy
 Ma and Sue
 Stevie and his girls
 Mum and her boy
 Gallitown ready for the sleigh ride
 Christmas eve suit
 Christmas eve pretty dress
 My kids are so beautiful and handsome
 Silly Uncle Keith photo bombed us! haha
 Family looking good on Christmas Eve
 The kids love the candles
 very cool.
 These pictures scream Christmas to me
 Nothing better than the candle light service


We went to an Oiler game on the 21st. Fun family night.

 All decked out in our Oiler jerseys
 Go Oilers Go
 The Gallitown girls


Here's a video of the kids coming out to see what Santa brought them on Christmas morning

 I think Abby is a little excited
 Isn't this a cutie pie?
 This is my wife and Dukey
 Watching Mum open her presents
 These are my two kids
 Abby got Zachy a Toboggan for Christmas
 Zach got Abs a Monster high games room (That has Foosball) for Christmas
 This blanket was hand made by Abby's cousin Chloe. A VERY special gift!!!
 Abby got Taylor Swift concert tickets for Christmas

It was then time to head over to Mom and Dad's for Gallimore Christmas breakfast

 Abs with Annabelle
 Kids table
 Syd Uncle B selfie
 Tried to get a good pick of the young ones lol
 pretty silly

Ally then took my phone and went around and took pictures of everyone for me

 Ally's Mom, Sue
 Uncle George
 Ally's Dad, Steven
 Uncle John
 Auntie Lynn
 Chrissy with Burke's girlfriend Mercedes
 Uncle Darrel
 Auntie Courtney
 Auntie Jen
 Auntie Cynthia
 Uncle Burke
 The crew
 My cute niece Alyssa
 Me and my boy
 So pumped for his new jammies that he dropped his pants to try them on. What a goofball.
 Check them out!!!

These next few are from Venables Christmas on Boxing day

 Zach opening up his gift from Auntie Megan and Uncle Mike and Aubrey
 He was so excited
 A SKATEBOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Strike a pose
 Cool pic
 Trying out his new skateboard
 Abby giving it a go
 Painting Daddy's nails. I sure looked good!!!
 New Lac L'Achigan shirts from Granny & Grandpa
 More from Gallimore Christmas Breakfast
 Abby teaching Burke how to wear a scarf
 The girls just love their Uncle Burke
 Zach in his new batman jammies and nerf gun from the Russells
 Me and my best little buddy Stevie

Back to Venables Christmas

 Aubrey trying out her new trampoline
 Big jumping smiles
 Venables Christmas dinner
 Chrissy made enough potatos to feed five thousand!!!
 More skateboarding with Uncle Mike
 Mike's still got it!!!
 These two sure do love each other
 Zach and Aubrey playing on Zach's new tablet
 Aubrey playing the drums with Grandpa
 Smash Cars
 Twins again. Huge smiles. lots of fun!
 Relaxing with Granny
 Playing with Grandpa

New Years Eve

 Me and my little buddy
 Excited for the fireworks to begin
 Whoo Hoo
 All bundled up
 The Brians
 Group shot
 Mum and Sar
 Me and my wifey
 Mum Zachy selfie
 Mum Abs selfie
 Chrissy with her Daddy
 Did Zachy photobomb this one? lol
 Great shot of Mum and Daughter

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