Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hair Massacure 2015

Hair Massacure 2015.  My 5th year doing the Massacure, Zach's 3rd year, Steve's 5th year, Abby and Ally's 1st year, and Carter and Brady's first year.  What a team.  I am so proud of us. Team pretty in pink was able to raise $7,094.38.  Below are a bunch of pictures and videos of the kids and I getting our hair dyed pink and then of the Massacure last night. Enjoy


We went to "The Cutting Edge" Hair salon to get our hair bleached and dyed pink

Before pic
Cute kids
Getting his hair bleached
Abby too
The pinking begins
Surfer dude
Excited to start pinking
Love the smile
Abby waiting for the pink to set
Looking good B
Abby drying the pink
Surfer daddy
There it is
The after pic
Abby waiting for Zach and I
Zach has gone pink
The after pic at the salon
Gallitown gone pink.



A picture of the 3 of us before we went to WEM to the Hair Massacure event
So proud of these two
A before selfie at the mall
 A Gallitown before selfie
The before picture of our team, Pretty in Pink. Zach, Brady, Carter, Abby, Ally, Steve and myself
The team raised over $7,000!!! Abby and Zach were able to raise $1,667.66 and I was able to raise $2,274.08.  Thank you to all that donated!!!
These kids were fearless heading to get shaved!
Brady holding Abby's hand. cute.
Love these guys!
Time to shave those heads!
Big smiles from Zach
Uncle Steve , Brady and Carter
The boyz

Here is a video of us going bald

He was so pumped!
Love this pic

Here is a video of Zach getting shaved

Daddy getting his head shaved
Uncle getting his head shaved
The Rosin boys getting their heads shaved
Getting close to bald
The hair dresser thought Brady was so cute she needed a selfie with him
Time to shave
Love it
Brady watching Steve get a hair cut
Brady finishing up
The bald Rosin boys
Abby got a chance to shave my head!

Here is a video of her shaving my head:

I'm done
Finishing up
Brady, Zach and Carter. bald.
Bald is Beautiful!

Time for the brave girls to get their hair cut!

The boys watching Abby and Ally get the pink cut off.
Brave nervous smiles
You go girl!
Proud of these two!
And the pink is gone! wow!
After pic. So proud of this team!
Gallitown after selfie
Another one of me and kids
After selfie
Ally finishing her hair up
Abs finishing up
Ally watching the pink go
Great job girls!
Love her smile
Here's that selfie
And another selfie
The kids giving the Kali Bear a hug
We all got toques to keep our heads warm
Time for some ice cream to celebrate
So much fun!

Here is a before/after pic Chrissy made

After selfie with Dad

Here are 3 pictures we took at the event at WEM

Finally here is an after picture after Abby has been to the hair salon this morning. It's short and looks SO GOOD!!!

Can't wait until next year!

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