Sunday, February 08, 2015

Random January Pics

Gallitown had a great January. Below are some pictures from Abby getting her ears pierced, tobogganing with the Russells, outdoor skating at Mills Haven, my birthday party at Lingnan and a few more random pics. Enjoy.

One Saturday early in January we got up and Abby said she wanted to get her ears we said ok...and went straight to the mall for some fun.

Nervous but excited
Getting some encouragement from Daddy
Almost time
Abby was lucky and got both ears done at the same time. WAY BETTER!
All done. holding her Daddy's hand.
Abby chose her birthstone as her stud earnings.
Big smiles
So grown up with her ears pierced. Wow!

After all the Christmas decorations were put away Chrissy and I rearranged the living room furniture and after everything was all said and done we decided to get a new TV!!! Well, that meant we put our old TV into the storage room.  Below is a note I had waiting for me the next morning...


One beautiful night we decided to go over to the kids school for some outdoor skating.  We had so much fun on the outdoor rink!

Mum and the munchkins
Gallitown selfie
Abs and Zach shooting the puck around before Chrissy and I got out there. so awesome.
Big Daddy playing goalie.
Me and my hockey kids!
Another Gallitown selfie
Taking shots on Zach
Abby has become quite the little figure skater
What an awesome smile!
The Gallitown girls
Chasing the puck
The kids watching the older boys play after we finished. What a great night. I had so much fun and felt very Canadian!

The next Saturday we went tobogganing with the Russells. No injuries and everyone had a blast on their new toboggans they got at Christmas. Great afternoon!
The whole crew
The "twins" on Zach's new sled
My beautiful wife and I
Uncle B with Alyssa
with my niece Sydney
Sister Sue
and my girl Abs
Mum and Abs ready to fly down the hill
Not sure why I agreed to this but Big Zach got a lift up the hill one time.
Up on Daddy's shoulders

Chrissy got a nice visit from a beautiful girl at work a few weeks ago..

AUBREY!!!!!! Love this girl!!!

One weekend, after dinner with the Russells Ally and Abby came up to me and started whispering what they wanted to do. Ended up in a sleepover. The first of many I am guessing!!!

The girls reading before bed
This was very cool. Walking in on Abby reading to Ally all cuddled up in bed.
The girls "sleeping". They had so much fun together
Found Zach at the breakfast table like this one morning. Every boy knows how to turn a wrapping paper roll into a sword!!!
Packers vs Seahawks in NFC Conference final...Seahawks won
A silly selfie with my daughter

I was a very lucky guy and was spoiled on my birthday. My wife and family took me out to the Lingnan restaurant. 

The Gallitown boys dress up and ready to roll.
The Gallitown girls looking awesome as usual!
My kids and I on my birthday
The boyz at the restaurant
Blowing out the candles on my cake
Amy celebrating with us. She owns the Lingnan and is truly an awesome lady with an unbelievable memory. She was smitten with Zach who she was calling "Mr. Handsome" all night!
Amy and Mr. Handsome
Zach telling Amy that he wants to go to Lingnan on HIS birthday!

Below is a picture of Zach's Grade 1 class all wearing Red in support of a fallen RCMP officer from St. Albert

Big Zach is front right in his Lac L'achigan shirt

That's it for now. Check back soon for pictures of us getting our hair dyed pink for the Hair Massacure

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