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Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa Week 1

I am sorry it has been so long between posts but we have been so busy.  Between work, school, swimming lessons and soccer games we seem to be always on the go.  That being said we were able to take off for two weeks and head east for a family vacation.  We took the kids to Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Lac L'Achigan, Trenton and Toronto in a 2 week span.  We got to spend a lot of quality time with the Venables and Kelly family and had so much fun!  It will take a few posts to get all the pictures in so I will begin with Montreal and Ottawa and go from there. Enjoy.

On the plane with my best friends heading to Montreal to visit Granny and Grandpa
The Gallitown girls
Now at Granny and Grandpa's house in Montreal.  Abby, early in our vacation, learned how to knit.  She picked it up very quickly and loved it!
3 peas in a pod
Climbing the tree in her jammies in the back yard
Zach and Grandpa playing soccer. Sweet action shot.
Does he score??? Probably!!!
My soccer girl

On Mother's day we took a nice walk down to the river and took some great pictures

Chrissy with her kids on Mother's Day
Zach striking a pose
What a smile! love it!
Big hugs from Grandpa!!!
Zachy making friends with the squirrels
Climbing on the rocks with Granny

2 years ago we took this same walk and took one of my favorite pictures of me and my kids:

We re-took the picture this year. Holy cow have they grown!!!

Trying to skip stones in the river
This pic looks like it is out of a musical on Broadway!
Abby loves climbing trees
Sitting on top of a carved horse rock
Climbing the giant rock boot
Off to Dairy Queen for some treats
Back at home, after a nice hot shower, Abby is back to knitting with Granny
Zachy reading Granny a bedtime story

One of the highlights of our trip was our adventure to Quebec City

We took the Via Rail train from downtown Montreal to downtown Quebec City.  It was the first time any of us had been on a passenger train for that long. 

When we got to Quebec we wet up to the Citadel and took a tour of the army base. Very historic and very cool.

Zach in front of some old muskets
Abs in front of an old cannon
Mum and the kids by a Statue of General Wolfe
Zach loved all the old guns, swords and cannons
In behind Zach is a Sherman Tank which his Great Grandad Gallimore road in as a gunner in WWII
This is a huge Cannon that the Canadians stole from the Germans during WWII
At the top of the base overlooking the St. Lawrence River
This Cannon sits atop the Citadel and can fire a cannon up to 5 km.  It takes 14 men to operate it. very powerful!
More exploring
More Cannons
A soldier and the army mascot, a goat named Batisse

After our tour of the Army base we walked down the hill and into the streets of Old Quebec.  Very historic.  It had a very European feel to it.  I loved it.

The streets of Old Quebec
Behind Chrissy is the hotel where Brian and Anne stayed in on their Honeymoon
A selfie on the streets of Quebec City
Me and my Girl!
Gallitown in Old Quebec
It was too bad it was raining because walking the streets was very neat.  Lots of trendy shops and cool places like this open square which, if it were nice out, would have been full of people

Now back in Montreal it was time for the boys to get serious! Time to golf! haha

Grandpa, Zach and I with our playing partner Frank at La Prairie Golf course. This was Zach's first time on a big golf course and he LOVED it.  He hit the ball very well and made Grandpa and I very proud!!!
Grandpa hitting into the 17th green
Zach striking a pose...kinda
Zach putting on 17
A nice looking swing on the fairway
I love that smile!
This is a special picture.  Zach wanted to try and hit the ball over the water on the 18th tee.  HE DID IT!  So awesome!!!
Zach hitting into the 18th green
Putting to finish the game
The Gallitown boys.  We had so much fun. I can't tell you how awesome it was playing golf with my son!
Back at home the girls were knitting.  Notice they are all dressed up and they're toes look great? That's because Abby treated them to a spa day for Mother's day while the boys golfed!

The next day we drove to Ottawa to spend some time with the Venables Family.

On our way to Ottawa we stopped in at Smoke Meat Pete's for some lunch. Mmmmm Smoked Meat Sandwich and Poutine!
Grandpa and Zach snuggling on Great Grandma's couch
Great Grandma with he great grandkids
Gallitown with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa
What a great picture!
4 generations of Venables. Pretty awesome to be able to spend time together!
The whole crew.
Silly faces! LOVE THIS PICTURE! So much fun!
Ummmm I think Great Grandma and Great Grandpa didn't get the message! haha

Time to head to Uncle Greg and Auntie Sue's for a BBQ

Chrissy's Cousin Keith manning the BBQ
A little help from his Uncle Brian
How many Venables does it take to BBQ a burger? The answer is clearly 4! haha
Uncle Greg and his little brother Brian
A nice picture of Granny
Zachy and his Momma
This is Bella, one of Uncle Greg and Auntie Sue's dogs
A crazy selfie with Uncle Keith
Zach and Uncle Keith playing with Frankie the dog
Uncle Graham with Zach and Abs
Abby doing a selfie with Auntie Sue and Bella
The next morning we had a great breakfast at a local diner with Uncle Greg and Auntie Sue

After breakfast we went down to the Tulip festival in Ottawa

The kids beside a painted tulip sculpture
What pretty flowers!
The kids just love being with their Granny and Grandpa
Abs climbing a big tree
The tree was in full bloom and looked beautiful
She got pretty high up before I started getting nervous
My little model
The kids and I in front of a grass man sculpture
Mmmmm Beavertail pastry
Posing with Grandpa
Granny wanted in on that action

After we explored the tulip festival we headed down to Hogs back falls. Beautiful spot right in the middle of Ottawa.
The Chubb sisters posing in front of the falls
Me and my beautiful wife
The sun was a little bright
The whole family by the falls
Another great shot
Relaxing on the rocks
The kids and Grandpa checking out a little baby duck.
What a cute picture :)

Later that afternoon we went exploring Chrissy's old neighborhood in Ottawa where she grew up. Found a park to play at.
Zachy playing
Grandpa climbing
Race to the top...Zach wins!
Relaxing with Granny and Grandpa
Time for a family dinner at everyones favorite, St. Hubert, for some Chicken and Ribs!
The Venables clan.
Abs being silly with her ice cream
Zachy with an ice cream nose
A few days later we went out to spend some time at Granny and Grandpa's cabin at Lac L'Achigan. On the way Brian and I made a pit stop
A nice shot overlooking the 18th green at Bonniebrook golf course in St. Jerome, Quebec
Another nice selfie on the 8th hole with Bonniebrook in the background.
Stay tuned for more pictures from our time at Lac L'Achigan and in Toronto.

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