Friday, June 12, 2015

Montreal and Lac L'Achigan

Sorry it has taken so long to post the next stage of our trip East.  Life is just busy...sigh...
ANYWAY, below are a bunch of pictures from more time in Montreal and then a great 2 days out at the Salvation Army Camp at Lac L'Achigan. Enjoy.
These first few pics are from Ottawa at Auntie Sue's Tea Shop.  The girls went for afternoon tea and scones while we were there.
Abs and Granny enjoying a cup of tea
Abby very proper haha
Auntie Sue with Abs and Granny
Anny just loved the scones with jam! Can't blame her!!!
After we got back from Ottawa we did a quick turn around and went to the Salvation Army Camp at Lac L'Achigan.  What a great camp. We spent 2 days out there. Awesome!
Camp Lac L'Achigan
A view heading down the road to the lake
Next to Brian and Anne's cabin there is a low ropes course.  The kids LOVED it.  The adults had some fun too doing the challenges!
Daddy trying to not fall
Time to build a fire!
The kids helping me build
Grandpa and his mini me Zachy
Abs and I relaxing by the fire
We wore the kids out. Time for bed.
Gotta take a selfie with the camp sign
Hot dogs by the fire
I think he ate more cheezies than hot dog!!!
Granny poking the fire
Time for marshmallows
Back to the low ropes course
Climbing high
On challenge 1
"Look Dad, no hands!"
Go Mum Go
This one scared me a bit but she climbed well and got to the top easy
Chrissy was able to do it
As was Granny! Great job ladies!
Time for a man to climb to the top...ok...a little man...haha
The rope bridge obstacle
Zachy moving along the ropes
This girl made it look too easy. Gotta tell ya, when I was on it I was doing everything I could to not fall! haha
She's awesome! Great job Zach!
Chrissy making her way through the course
Granny following right behind
This one was so hard! I am proud to say that, besides my daughter, I was the only one to complete this challenge :)
Chrissy giving it a go
Look out kids, Granny and Grandpa are hot on your trail
Grandpa being silly
The Venables girls
Zach climbing up
Family shot.
I Heart You
Time to head to the beach
Water was cold that day but it didn't stop the kids!
Chrissy and her Momma relaxing
A nice picture of the lake and kids
Oh Oh...look out Abby
Daddy's coming in for a big hug
Zach trying to use all his strength to get Grandpa in the water.  Good luck Zach!
After swimming...captain underpants...only Zach...haha
Swinging at the park
Swing selfie
Swing selfie with my wifey
Zach kicking the soccer ball around with Grandpa
Each dorm at Lac L'Achigan is named after another Salvation Army camp in Canada.  Here is the Pine Lake dorm which is the Alberta camp where I grew up.
Back at Granny's cabin to relax
We played some Jenga
You know you are relaxed when you are able to fall asleep on the back porch of your parents cabin. Priceless!
Abby found a friend in the forest
Zach too
Zach needed some help downing his watermelon!
Fire on Day 2
Zach liked using the poking stick to man the fire
Chrissy cooking her hot dog
The next day the weather was amazing and we got some sun on the beach
We had the place to ourselves.
Abby building sand castles
Zach building castles in the sand
Granny got in and helped the kids build...
And here is the town they built! Pretty impressive
Playing in the cold water
They convinced Daddy to go out. It was SO cold!
Check out that beach body ladies...sorry, it's already spoken for! haha
Back at the cabin for watermelon. Check out the piece Zach ate!
Dig in Zach
Go Zach Go
Abby downed a huge piece too
More low ropes.  Abby LOVED the ropes!
Zach scooting across
Go Grandpa Go
Grandpa watching as Zach climbs
Um...Grandpa...I don't think that's how you do it...
Be careful please
A stop for ice cream on the way home.  What a great few days out at the lake.
Bri and I golfing with 2 members at Meadowbrook golf course in Montreal.
Chrissy and the kids waiting for us back home
A view from Grandpa's office downtown Montreal.
Time to go mini golfing!!!
Waiting to go
Grandpa being silly
Selfie on the first hole
Abs putting
Grandpa on his 10th shot! haha
Zach teeing off
Zach watching Granny
Selfie by the waterfall
This one is down hill
Go Zach Go
Granny with a smooth swing
Concentrate Chrissy. It's girls vs boys!!!
Abs got a hole in one on this hole!!!! #proud
Tappy tap down the hill Grandpa
Mini Golf was Girls vs. boys and I am sad to say the boys got clobbered by the girls!!!
After Mini golf we went to my favorite restaurant in Montreal. Dunn's.  This is why.  Smoked meat sandwich with poutine with mushrooms, bacon and onions! oh yeah!!!
Restaurant selfie
One night, while Chrissy and Anne we out Painting, Brian and I hit the Bar-B-Barn with the kids. The ribs were great as was the atmosphere.
We left Montreal the next day and drove to Toronto.  Along the way we stopped in Trenton to visit my Cousin Jen and her husband Adam and my nephew Aiden!  Great visit!
Abs and Aiden
Selfie at BP's.  Aiden is cracking up.  He is so cool!
Aiden just loved Abby.  She is so good with kids!
Once we got to Toronto we were bale to grab a bite to eat with my Cousin Rob.  It was great to see him and spend a little time with him.
Selfie with Cousin Rob
Check back soon. I will be posting pictures from out time in Toronto.

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