Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Random June 2015 Pics

Below are a few random pics we took throughout the month of June
At the soccer pitch
Go Team Turbo
Now that I work for Peace Hills I had the opportunity to compete during Corporate Challenge.  I signed up for Lawn was pretty fun!!!
Throwing one of my Bowls during competition
I had two awesome cheerleaders come out to watch and cheer us on
Below are a few pics from the Mills Haven Elementary Summer Sizzler BBQ
Zach and Mum at the Sizzler
Abs getting her face painted
The next Corporate Challenge event I signed up for was the Power Pull (Tug-of-war)
My two cheerleaders there to spend the day with Dad and cheer him and his team on
Big B was the Anchor
We won 3of 4 in the Round Robin but went out in the first round of the playoffs
There were jumpy castles at the Power Pull for the kids to play on
Zach racing another little boy
Abby jumping
Zach down for the count
Zach and Abby with a mascot at the Power Pull event
While we were at Power Pull Chrissy was at her Company Golf Tournament.  They had a great time.
Chrissy's team, Team Light Bright, Danielle, Lisa and Chrissy
Lisa and Chrissy at the BBQ after golf.
One Sunday we went out to Cousin Courtney's for the Main Event.  One of the best days of the year.  The Gallimore clan get together and cook a huge roast...or two...and chow down and enjoy each others company!
The roasts on the BBQ...YUM
Zach driving Annabelle's tractor...almost nude...hehe
A Jumpy castle in the back yard
My beautiful wife and I
The boy had to be rinsed off after playing int he mud...couldn't resist taking a picture of his cute butt! haha
Always need to take a selfie of Syd and I
Look at that! A plate of beef. I'm in heaven!
Oh Yeah!!!
The kids dressed up for an early Canada at School
Lookin' good in their Red
Back playing soccer
A cute picture of what a sister does while her brother plays soccer
Chrissy and Megan at the Shania Twain concert
Chrissy had a great time at Shania
It was quite the show
Had to post this pic of Abby's outfit one day.  Love this girl!!!
Back at soccer, the kids warming up before the game.  Abby and Kassidy joined their brothers.
Abs and Kassidy chillin' during soccer
Lunch with Cousin Aubrey
Love these girls
Granny and her Granddaughters
Grandpa and his buddy Zachy
Back at a cold day of soccer
Ally and Syd came to watch and Zach would side with Syd waiting for his next turn to go on the field.
Zach taking a big hit during a game
Silly boy
Smilin' Zach
Zach has the best sister in the whole world.  Didn't miss a game and would cheer him on. She is so awesome!
Zach getting his soccer medal at year end
Showing off his medal and certificate
Zach with his Coach Carl
Zach with his beast buddy Connor with their medals.  Proud of these boys!
A random selfie of Syd and I
For Mother's day we go my Mom a night of painting.  You go to a restaurant and you are givin a canvass and paints.  A teacher is their to guide you through creating your masterpiece.  I wasn't sure what we were getting ourselves into but we had a great time!
Me and Ma
Chrissy and I ready to paint
A Blank Canvass
Mom's painting is coming along
Not bad B
Mom focusing
Nice tree
Steve was the master of blending
Sue is one Creative girl. Awesome job
Chrissy's looked awesome.  She has become quite addicted to this and is planning more nights out painting
Pa did an awesome job! Check out his seagulls!
Gallitown's finished paintings
Ma & Pa's paintings
The Russell's paintings
All of out paintings. I say we all did a pretty great job!
We built a fire pit in the back yard and this was the first night we were able to use it
Fire's burning good
Enjoying the fire
Abs cooking a marshmallow
Concentrating on the perfect roast
Her finished smore
What a beautiful girl I have. I am so proud of her.