Thursday, July 02, 2015

Toronto Visit 2015

I am so sorry. I have fallen behind on my blog posts.  Life has been busy...
Here are the last of our pictures from our vacation out east.  We had so much fun the entire trip.  These last batch of pics are from our time in Toronto.  Enjoy.
One morning we got up and went downtown to check out the Hockey Hall of Fame.  We are a family of Hockey fans so this was an awesome experience!
At the front doors of Hockey Heaven
Gallitown = Hockey Family
Grant Fuhr's old goalie mask
3 Goalies
Zach in front of Ben Scriven's stick
Abs in front of a Wayne Gretzky display
Zach and the Great One
My favorite player growing up was Mario Lemieux. This display is dedicated to him.
Is that Ken Dryden?
Zach wearing Patrick Roy's old pads
The old Montreal dressing room was very cool.
Abby found her favorite Oiler Eberle
Granny and Zachy playing table hockey
Grandpa shooting on Price
Zach trying to score on Price
Big Poppa trying to score on Lundqvist
Chrissy in the spotlight.  Shooting on Bernier
Abby taking some shots
Zach playing goalie. He loved this!
Square to the shooters. Love it!
Grandpa channeling some of his old goaltending skills!  Worked too!!!
Look at that stance! Perfect!
I proved why Semenko was a fighter and not a goalie! haha
I had a few of these NHL toys growing up
I have this Gretzky Plush on my couch at home!
Big Shot from Zach on Price
We found the Stanley Cup.
Gallitown and the cup
Very cool
A selfie with Stanley
These two love being goalies
After the HHOF we went out for a fun lunch at the Marché.
That afternoon Zach got to relax and watch some soccer with his Great Grandad Kelly
We went out for dinner at our favorite spot in Toronto, The Mandarin!  I ate so much it was ridiculous! 
They even had Cotton Candy!
The next day we got up and went to Grandad`s golf club Spring Lakes for a round.
A selfie out on the course
Chrissy taking a big swing
No pressure when your Husband, Dad and Grandad are all watching.  Chrissy did so well and hit the ball awesome.  What a fantastic day!
A Spring Lakes selfie with the wife
Grandad and Chrissy chipping up to the green
Grandad ready to take a mighty swing
Later that day I went down to the car to get something and on my way back look who was watching...
Great Granny made Bri's favorite desert.  Those two look guilty...
Look Out!
Zach wants to help me with the Trifle Granny made me! Thanks Granny!
Nothing like a green popsicle!
The next night we went out to the Blue Jays game.  We had great seats and watched the Blue Jays win 8-4!
The whole crew ready for the game
Me and my little buddy
Abby with her Great Granny and Great Grandad
Blue Jays selfie
Man my daughter is cute!!!
Zach sitting by his best, not Chrissy!!! Grandpa!!!
I love this lady!!!! Thanks for come to the game Granny!
Bautista up to bat
The giant scoreboard at the Rogers Centre
Best buds
Zach liked the Jays mascot
A panorama picture of the game.
Can't go to a baseball game without getting peanuts!
Back at home relaxing after a very eventful evening
Out for breakfast the next morning
Two thumbs up
Abby and Great Granny being silly
Granny, Abby and Great Granny knitting
Grandpa out for a snooze
A nice family pic
What a good looking crew
The next day we did something that I don't think very many people ever do.  We played a round of golf with 4 generations. Zach, myself, Grandpa and Great Grandad.
I think this is a very neat picture. Zach signed his ball.
Got my tee. Got my ball. Ready to go.
We were a little early...Kelly time...
Zach and Great Grandad on the first tee
A group selfie of the 4 generations on the first tee
Zach hitting while Great Grandad follows
Swing. Hit. Run to ball. Repeat.
By the end of the round he was able to hit that 7 iron about 80 years!
The Chubb Sisters
Don't bend that elbow Bri!!! haha
Wrong way Zach! haha
Best Friends
I love this picture too! Lining up his put.
That's my boy. Pull those clubs!!!
What a great picture.  Great Grandad watching his Great grandson hit the ball.  (Nice swing too Zachy!!!)
Another 4 generations selfie
Zach and Grandpa
How'd he get up there?
After golf we met up with the ladies for a nice dinner.
Great Granny being silly wearing Zach's hat
Great Grandad showing Abby his sketch book
Abby loved this. Very cool.
Zach wanted to check it out as well.
Zach reading a book to Great Granny
The next day it was time to go home.  We didn't fly out until the afternoon so we decided to go to a park to play.
Zach brought his new Blue Jays bat and ball
Granny kicking the soccer ball with Chrissy
Oh Oh. A game is about to break loose
Brian with a mighty pitch to Great Grandad
It's on! Game On!
Great Granny up to bat!
Back up, Great Grandad is up to bat.  Watch out Great Granny...the ball may come right at your head!!! (There's a story behind that one. Feel free to ask Great Grandad the next time you see him)
Grandpa taking a giant swing
Granny up to bat again
The boys in the outfield. Twins
Swing batter...Swing
Abby caught on very quickly and was soon belting them over the infields heads!
A baseball selfie
4 Generations of Kelly women.  Beautiful!
After baseball we couldn't leave without kicking the ball around
My little monkey Abby
Granny taking shots on Zach
A big kick from Great Grandad
Go to the net Grandad!
What a lucky boy.  Not very often you have your Grandpa and your Great Grandad taking shots on you!
Abby climbing a tree.
What a fantastic vacation.  We had so much fun!  Check back soon for more pics from June and my trip to the U.S. Open.

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