Saturday, August 15, 2015

Penticton Part 2

Here are some more pictures from our awesome vacation in the Okanogan.  

Syd ready to ride her bike
We have the whole lake to ourselves
Beach Selfie
Abs loves the trailmix
The Gallitown boys making an epic sand castle
Zachy lounging in his Mum's chair
What Goofballs
The kids at their awesome table
Twin Lakes Selfie with Stevie
Syd  and Zach playing ladder ball. Yes, Zach IS wearing his bike helmet! lol
Chrissy and Steve preparing dinner
A cute Bear and cone at Tickleberry's
I miss that ice cream. It's SO good!
My kiddies in front of Skaha Lake
Another beach selfie
I love this pic
Took Zach to the driving range. He was hitting the ball really well.
Zach was teaching Uncle Steve how it's done.
Loco Landing mini golf selfie
Was proud of my kids. They played well. Everyone got a hole in one!!!
Hit up the hill Zachy
The Russell's following close behind
My golfing buddy Alyssa
Mum trying to drain a long one
Played a round at Twin Lakes with John Homewood and Stevie.
A good looking buck on the 9th hole
The girls having a snack on the beach
Building more sand castles
Syd and Abby sneaking up and soaking me with cold water
Abs and Ally swimming and diving.
Get him Syd
Nap time
Big Zach waking up his Big Poppa
My Girl!!! Hot!!!
Reading some books they got from the used book store
One day I went shopping with the girls and this is what they did. lol pretending they're mannequins.
Pretty funny
A couple of deer on the way to Tickleberry's
"Check out my new CG sunglasses"
Abby getting a tattoo at the farmers market
Zach too
Hemp Tattoos
Abs got a sweet heart tattoo
Zach got a ninja turtle
Cool dudes
Wearing Lac L'Achigan for Grandpa and Granny
Back at Twin Lakes with Stevie
One morning we rode our bikes over to a nice park on the muscle beach
Follow the leader
Kids rode really well!
Riding a lady bug
This girl loves the monkey bars!
Climbing high
The twins up high
Back at Tickleberry's
A selfie at the Farmers market
We did a lot of this over our two weeks in Penticton. Catch with the boy!
Not every day you see a floating excavator crossing the lake
One night Stevie and I were hungry so we BBQ'd some steaks
A family of deer on the 2nd hole at Twin Lakes
Playing with John Homewood, Steve Vincent and Stevie
Look at the model

More family pics I found at Lake Okanogan

The kids
The Russell's
My best friends
Great smiles
I really like this picture
My girlfriend
I love this pic too
The whole crew
The Fantastic Four
Stud! haha sorry about this pic. The things I do for a laugh
A selfie at Salty's Restaurant.
A cute picture taking a walk for ice cream
A couple of Mermaids
Ally mermaid
Abby mermaid
Stuck! haha
I got to play Twin Lakes with Chrissy!
And Stevie
Another selfie with my wifie
We asked Steve to take a picture of us looking over the 1st and 10th holes at Twin Lakes and this is what we got. He is Soooooooooo hilarious...NOT!!!
I love this annual pic of the two of us over looking the course
Back on Uncle Al's boat
These girls loved swimming in the middle of the lake
Chrissy, Caryn and Oaklyn relaxing on the boat
Look out, here comes Big B
Swimming in the lake
Abs jumping into her Daddy
Swimming with Dad
Chrissy in her happy place with Oaklyn
What a fish
Zach and I dominated on the go-cart track at Loco Landing
Jumping at Loco Landing
Abs flying high
2 story jump!
Abs landing
We weren't able to go to Earls after the kids were in bed this year so we brought Earls to us!
My last round at Twin Lakes with Janet and Al Petersen. Just call him GROG (Grumpy Old Retired Guy)
Last day at the beach
Great smiles from the girls
Syd smile
Silly pic
Syd wanted in

Zach spent the majority of the trip with girls to play with. One day he was invited out onto the Kroeker's boat with the older boys to do some knee boarding. He did great and had so much fun. Here's some pics that Darrin Whitbread took for us!

Knee Boarding
LOVE this pic
He had a blast
Go Zach Go
Hold on Tight
The beautiful rockies on the way home

Stay tuned for pics from Calaway Park coming soon