Thursday, August 13, 2015

Penticton Part 1

During the middle two weeks in July we took our annual family vacation to the Okanogan and set up shop in Penticton.  We towed our trailer in stopping on Valemount on the way there.  Once there we enjoyed two awesome weeks with beautiful weather.  An awesome vacation.  This year was a little different because a lot of the crew were over in Europe so it was basically us and the Russells.  We had a great time!  Here are a bunch of pictures from our trip:
Big Eddie helping me load the truck
Sometimes they love each other
A stop in Jasper for dinner at the L&W
The Gallitown girls with their beautiful smiles!
A selfie at Irvin's campground in Valemount, BC
We're close.  There's the Penticton sign
Set up shop and now time to relax
One evening we went to Salty's for an awesome dinner and then across the street for our annual family pictures
These 4 kids are so awesome!  They were so well behaved the whole trip.  I love them so much!
My beautiful nieces
They are goofballs
The Russell family
This is where they get their goofyness from! haha
Big Eddie and Abs
They are growing up too fast
The Gallimore Family
Steve and Sue
The 8 of us
I decided to by funny and surprise them all with my cut-offs!  Sorry to those looking.  The thing's I'll do for a laugh! haha
As you know, we spend a lot of time at the beach and in the Lake in Penticton!
Zachy making a sweet sand castle
Abs underwater
These two swam like fishes the entire trip.  They loved throwing dive sticks and then hunting for them
Smiles underwater
2 cuties
Ally Swimming underwater
A goofy pose from Ally underwater
Best Buds
You're going to lose your hat Zach
Thumbs Up
We call these two the "twins"
Big Poppa and Big Eddie
Me and my beautiful wife
Strike a pose
Shooting water at Syd
We played a lot of football, Zach and I
Love these kids
Mum and Zach on the beach
I think he may be my mini me! haha
Out for a float
Snack time
The Twins again
Screaming under water
Stevie and Ally
First Daddy throws Ally
Action shot
Then Ally throws Daddy!
Nice pipes
The best way to get used to the water is running in!!!
The kids loved going out to the dock and jumping off.
The Running Man
Cannon Ball
Big Air
Help Me
The Ninja
Syd LOVED jumping! She is so cute!
Star Jump
Another Ninja jump
Cannon Ball
Another Cannon ball by Abs
The girls doing Pencil jumps together
Zachy practicing his surfing with Mum
The splits
The Gallitown Girls
This one swims like a fish
The kids love hanging with Chrissy out at the dock
Big eyes from Syd
While we were their Uncle Al came out with his new boat! We are so thankful to Caryn and Jordan for inviting us on to the boat to play with their kids Ryder and Oaklyn. Also spending time with Al and Janet was so fun out in the middle of the lake! Thanks SO MUCH for allowing us to crash your party!
Abby, Ryder and Ally out for a tube ride
Starting to go
Here we go
Sue and Steve took Syd out on the tube
Huge smiles
Time for the boys to have some fun
Put your hands in the air and scream!!!
Zach loved swimming out in the middle of the lake
Pretty cool swimming out in the middle of the lake
Abs just LOVED Oaklyn! She loves babies so much!!!
So does Chrissy!
Caryn doing some Wake boarding
I was impressed! She did a great job!
For Jordan it just comes naturally!
Go faster!
Abs and Oaklyn
Even Chrissy went for a swim in the deep water
Riding in the boat with my girl
Ryder is a cool dude! Thanks for letting us come on your boat Ryder!!!
Caryn teaching her Dad how it's done!
Go Uncle Al Go!  haha
Alyssa enjoying the ride
Back on the tube. Ally, Abby and Ryder
Smilin' Eddie
The kids loved the tube ride
Ally Zach and Abs on the tube
Sue's mini me Syd
Whoo Hoo

Lots of fun on the tube
Chrissy loved catching the rays out on the boat
Check back in soon for more pics of our Penticton vacation...

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