Monday, October 05, 2015

Calaway Park 2015

Sorry this has taken so long. I have been slacking...well, blog slacking...
Below are a bunch of pictures from the August Long weekend in Calgary at Calaway park

Family selfie at the front gate
Abs and Zach walking with Tommy to the first ride
Zach on Baja buggys
The girls on the train
Abs and Ally on the train (They might be getting a little big for this one now)
Zach and Tommy riding the train
Silly kids
The boys look like real truckers!
Claire just loved the swings!
Tommy liked the swings too
Abs and Ally waiting for a big kids ride
Here we go...
Syd also was a big fan of the swings
Uncle B and Little Tommy
What a cutie
Studs on a plane
Don't ask. "Come on Zach" I said. "Strike a pose Zach" I said. Should have known better! haha
That's better. Thumbs up!
Zach walking the bridge with Auntie Sue
What goofballs. Claire and Zachy
Tommy just loves his Auntie Chrissy!
Maybe someday Abs and Ally will be part of the show at Calaway Park!
Love corn dogs!
Claire on the bumper cars
Zach's favorite ride
Syd loved crashing and banging too
Look what Uncle Steve won for Zach! Super Cool!
He even took Leonardo on a ride with him!
The girls on a big kids ride. smiles!!!
Put your hands in the air and scream!!!
Time for the swings
Our annual roller coaster picture. Abby went on for the first time.  She was pretty scared but had a great time!
Mum Dad and Zachy
A selfie with my Mommy
Chrissy riding the planes with Syd and Zach
Goofy selfies
Syd wanted Zach to pose with the bunny and fairy
Oh comment...
Heading up the drop of doom
Syd was a little scared but had a blast!
The four munchkins on the bridge
Love these kids!
After Calaway park one evening we went over to Tom and Shauna's for a  pizza party.  A good time was had by all as usual!
This was at Tom's place when we got there. 3 km's to empty...I made it to a gas station after...hehe
The kids playing in the back yard getting soaked
Two beautiful girls!
3 beautiful girls
These kids play so well together. Lots of fun!
Tommy and the ladies
best buds!

We had so much fun as usual.
Stay tuned for more pics soon...promise!!!

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