Thursday, October 22, 2015

Random August Pics

Below are a bunch of random pics from the month of August. Enjoy>
Getting face painted at Annabelle's birthday party
Why not get a tummy tattoo
Strike a pose! Love it!
Leg tattoo
Fire Pit Friday with the Russells
Blue Jays!!!
I love that my kids like to dress like Daddy...sometimes...
Checking out Uncle Mike's huge fish tank
Sturgeon and Coy
Chrissy and Chambers at Paintnite
Darlene and Lisa too
Nice Dar!
Great job ladies
Half way through
Paintnite selfie
The boys enjoying the pit
A little plastic man we found. decided to see how long he could handle the Tamarac heat. He did pretty good! lol
There he is again
Trampoline time with Aubrey
Jump Jump Jump
Look Out, Here comes Uncle Mikey
Lingnan after we all went to the Lion King at the Jubilee Auditorium
Golfing with the boys. Dwight, Brad, Michael and I
My beautiful wife and niece
These two just love each other so much!
Nice pipes
Growing up too fast
Duck lips!
Oh my...there are just no words...
Cool pic of the kids playing Uno. Abby, Sydney, Ally, Katie, Jack and Zach
Overhead shot
Love these kids
Zach and Jack playing hockey in the back yard
Action shot
Nice shot Jack
Ally watching the boys :)
Jack and Abs playing Monopoly together
Katie and Zach playing marble maze
nice tower
Swimming at Al and Janets place
Zach & Jack playing catch
Mum and kids at the water park
This guy again
Love the pit
Aubrey and her fish
Girls jumping
Mum and mini me
Check back in soon for pictures from the first day of school...

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