Monday, November 09, 2015

Random October Pics

Below are a bunch of pictures from October 2015...enjoy...

 Skating at Millennium to get ready for hockey season
 Abby's first Instrument, an E flat Horn
 Just like his big sister
 Back at Millennium practicing
 Boxing at Uncle Mikes
 Picking the kids up from school. This is Abby with her friend Jenna
 School pick up selfie
 We finished up swimming lessons in October
 They sure love the pool!
 Canadian Hockey Boys growth chart
 Last fire pit of the season with the Russells
 Time for hockey grading
 Chrissy and I on our Anniversary
 Snuggles on Abby's bed
 NFL Season started
 Packers vs Seahawks
 It's on!
 Sunday Breakfast date with my little buddy Sydney
 I took my staff to Paintnite for staff appreciation
 My masterpiece
 Our little nephew Dominic was born on September 30th
 Abby has fallen in love!!!
 A visit to Dad's office
Abs taking notes
 Zach got number 6 this year
 Hanging with Dominator
 Abby's happy place
 The littles
My little buddy Aubrey
 Chrissy and I went to a Paintnite to celebrate our anniversary
 My masterpiece
 Chrissy's Masterpiece
 Not bad eh? we\re pretty proud of these ones
 Back hanging with Dominic
 Zach's week in net.
 Game day!
 Zach played great! Final score was 3-3 and Zach made some great saves!!!
 Selfie on Abby's birthday
 First time singing with the Singing Company
 Posing with the YP Band after church
 Silly pic
 Dressed like a nerd for Halloween at work
 Me and my staff dressed up at work
 The Personal Lines Team at work.  As you can see Halloween is a big thing at Peace Hills!
 We went to the Lingnan Restaurant for Zach's birthday and spent time with Amy!!!
 Abby made Zach a super cool card for his birthday!!!
Family pic at Lingnan

Stay posted for pictures from Abby and Zach's birthday Parties.

Friday, November 06, 2015

Family Pics 2015

Below are a bunch of pictures my awesome Cousin Courtney took of Gallitown earlier this year.  Courtney always does such a great job and the pictures always turn out so well.  If you like the pictures and are thinking of getting some done for your family let me know and I will hook you up.  Enjoy the pics.