Monday, December 07, 2015

Abby's 9th Birthday Party

Abby turned 9 on October 20th and then had a party a week later.  Chrissy put on an AWESOME Paintnite party for Abby and her friends.  The girls had so much fun painting and hanging out together for the afternoon.  A big thank you to Auntie Sue for coming over and helping out!!!

Here are a bunch of pictures from the party:

The girls starting their painting
Learning their brushes and figuring out the paints
Kayden and Kayla!
Chrissy about to start teaching.

listen then paint...
Now let's begin
Kassidy starting the background
Artists at work
Start with the light blue than darker and work forward
Ally and Ava loved painting
Abby with her bestie Cera
Time for a break to let the background dry.Left: Sydney, Natalie, Scarlett, and Kayden
Lots of smiles
Cera, Abs and Ava
These girls are crazy. Not sure how the daycare does it!!!
Kayla, Abs, Cera, and Ava!
The girls watching Abby open a few presents
Abby opening a gift
She was spoiled rotten
Top Left: Kassidy, Ava, Cera, Sydney, Natalie, Scarlett, Kayden
Bottem Left: Jenna, Yesha, Kayla, Ashlynn, Abby, Aspen, Alyssa
Back to painting
Time to start drawing the tree
Kayden and Aspen
Ava and Ally drawing their tree
Yesha with a wonderful tree
Cera and Abs drawing their tree trunks
Natalie and Scarlett
Ashlynn and Jenna
The finished paintings.  The girls did SO good!
 Abby's cake
 It was Scarlett and Ava's birthdays too so the three girls blew out the candles together
 Blowing out the candles
Enjoying the cake
Kayden is such a goofball
The birthday girls
Ally, Ashlynn and Aspen
Goofing off
Natalie and Sydney
Kassidy, Cera and Yesha
While the girls were waiting for the next part of their painting to dry they played a game of intertwined hands intending to escape
Pretty funny
What a great group of girls.  Abby is so blessed to have such awesome friends.  And didn't they do such an awesome job on their paintings?
Kassidy and Bear hanging out

Abby sandwich
Love this pic!

Check back soon for pictures from Zach's 7th birthday party.

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