Saturday, December 19, 2015

Kids Church Christmas Concert

The kids Church Christmas Concert was last Sunday.  
The kids played their horns for the very first time in the service.  Abby, Zach and Ally played Merrily and played so well!  There are pictures and a video of them playing below.
Then the kids sang a couple of Christmas songs with the Singing Company.  Pictures and videos of them singing are below.
Ally and Abby were on for offering. Ally read a Christmas poem and Abby prayed.
After the playing and singing were done the kids all put on a Christmas play. It was extremely well done. So proud of the kids!
Enjoy the pics and videos.

 This is my beginners class playing in the service for the first time.  They were great!!!
 Ally excited to play
 Ally, Abby and Zachy ready to play
 Playing "Merrily" lead by their Auntie Madi
  So Proud of them!!!
 This is our singing company. What a great group of kids!
 The three Musketeers right in the front row.
 "Christmas is a Time"
"The Best Gift of All"
 The girls taking care of the offering reading in church
 Zach was a "citizen" of Bethlehem in the play
 Abby was one of the "innkeepers" in the play
 Looking good!
 Sydney was one of the cutest sheep I have ever seen!
 A huge thank you to all the teachers (Chrissy and Susan being two of them) who helped put the play together. It was awesome and the kids did so well!

Can't wait until next year!

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