Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Random December Pics

Below are a bunch of pictures from the last month. Enjoy.

 My beautiful daughter Abigail Anne
 My goofy boy Zachary Edward
 Practicing in the garage
 Cuddling with cousin Aubrey
 Zachy just loves Dominic
 So does Auntie Chrissy
 This year we bought a new Christmas decoration for the front yard. We call him Charlie Potatos
 In Calgary visiting the Ginns and their new little one Cleo. Isn't she the cutest?
 Zach holding Cleo
 Abby just couldn't get enough of little Cleo
 Cleo with her Uncle B
 Abby in her happy place
 Abs reading to Tommy
 A look at Charlie Potatos at night.
 Me and my Ma on her birthday
 You get treats when you're out with Daddy
 Game face or smirk? not sure...
 These three have become inseparable over the hockey season! Zach, Connor and Jake
 Leeann, Connors Mom, has been a life saver this hockey season! She has been picking up half the school, taking them to hockey and getting them all ready!  We owe her HUGE!!!
 Pa and I at the Bruins Oilers game! Oilers won in OT!!!
 Leeann, Lisa and Chrissy at Paintnite. They all did a great job!
 Our 2015 Christmas Card
 Santa chatting with the kids
 My kids are getting big. I fear we may be running out of years for this annual picture :(
 Abby hanging out with her Grandad while Chrissy and I were at her work Christmas Party
 Zach and his Grammee out for dinner
 Skating at Millennium
 This is a better game face! haha
 The 2015 Sherwood Park Knights
 And this is the way us coaches see them most of the time...crazy!!!
 A couple of cowgirls
 The Duke loves cuddling with Abby in her bed.
 Best Friends!!!
 Western Theme at Chrissy's Christmas Party.  Here she is with Lisa
 Chrissy and I
 Cloe and Chrissy
 Out on a sleigh ride at Fort Edmonton Park (That's where her party was. very cool)
 Chrissy and Robin
 Chrissy and I kidnapped Syd after Sunday Breakfast a few weeks ago and she tossed on Zach's hockey gloves and his Oilers hat. we HAD to take a picture for her Dad!!!
 Chrissy and I had a day off together early in December. What a great day. Got a LOT of shopping done
 And we went to the dump. Chrissy's first time there. She loved it! weird...
 Bright red nose on Rudolph
 Paintnite with Susan and Steve. We had a lot of fun
 Our finished snowmen
 This was Chrissys 8th time...I think someone has a bit of her Grandad's artistic touch in her :)
I think we all did a pretty good job.  The guys are obviously better than the girls!!! haha

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