Saturday, February 27, 2016

Christmas and New Years 2015

I am sorry. Life is so busy. Good. Very good. But busy.

Here are a bunch of long overdue pictures from over Christmas and New Years 2015.

Zach at his buddy Austin's birthday party.
Grandad and Grammee took us all out for a sleigh ride down Candy Cane Lane just before Christmas
Gallitown all bundled up
The Russells enjoying the ride
Time to make gingerbread "houses"
Zach and I made a gingerbread Millennium Falcon
Putting the icing on
Looks good eh?
Abs and Mum made a Gallitown gingerbread house
Dressed up before the candlelight service
Christmas Candlelight service
Great pic of Zachy with his candle
Christmas eve opening up one present with Grandad
Even Grandad got Boston Bruins jammies
Zach and Dominic hanging out
These two just love their baby cousin
Aubrey got in on the pictures
The whole gang chowing down
Uncle B and his little buddy
Zach and Syd tracking Santa on the computer
Christmas morning. We were spoiled!!!
Mrs. Claus
Zach got this awesome drawing from his sister
What did Abs get from Zach?
a HUGE teddy bear
Mum opening up presents
A puzzle from Mum and Dad
Getting closer
It's together and needs to be solved...Go...Down...Stairs...For...Zach & Abby's...Present...
Here we go
An Air Hockey Table
Lots of fun
After we opened up a few gifts we drove out to Auntie Courtney & Uncle Darrel's place for Gallimore breakfast
Here is a shot of most of the crew eating breakfast
My beautiful niece Annabelle
Annabelle and Syd
The three Grandads. Bobby, George and John
The kids got to open a few more presents
Sweet crown Abs
Bahahahaha Silly Syd
Auntie Lynn cracking everyone up
Back to Grammee and Grandads for even more presents. SPOILED!!!
Mum and Zach checking out his gear
Grandad just sitting back and relaxing. Taking it all in
The kids got some SWEET kayaks. Going to be so awesome in Penticton
Huge hugs for Grammee
I wonder what Stevie got??? hahaha
Zach showing his Great Uncle Doug his Chewbaca touque
Auntie Sue cuddled up
Beautiful Ally
Chrissy relaxing
Silly Alyssa
Uncle Jeff trying to find a place to sit down
A 4 kids got Kayaks. So cool.
Zach and Grandad out for lunch on Boxing day after a stop at Golftown
Uncle B and Dominic
Auntie Chrissy and Aubrey
Auntie Megan and Zachy
Abs with her Uncle Mikey
Zach just loves Dominator
We stole these kids
Holy moly is she beautiful!!!
Nice new Jammies from Granny & Grandpa
Best part about a turkey dinner is the turkey sandwiches later that night!!!
Playing "Beat The Parents"
She fell asleep ready on her big teddy bear. Very cute!
An awesome selfie tobogganing with the Russells and the Wilkins
Snow Bunnies
We went over to Festival Place in Sherwood Park to enjoy the festivities and fireworks on New Years Eve
 Zach and Yoda
In front of a snow plough
Syd and Zach with R2-D2
Gallitown Selfie
Russell Gallimore Selfie
Relaxing before the fireworks start
They were awesome!
Zach the Jedi  Master
Obi Brian getting trained by Yoda
Gallitown Wilkin selfie
Skating at Victoria Park
Connor and Zach fooling around
Great pic. Love her smile!
Went for a walk around the Legislature ground after skating
Leeann and Chrissy
The kids under the tree
Another selfie under the tree
Connor's got Zach pinned
I love these 4 kids!
Skating in Cardiff with the Anthonys and Reiters
Had the rink to ourselves
A beautiful Alberta Day
Chrissy with Abs and Katie
Daddy and Abs
Get up McDavid!!!
The gang. Was a lot of fun
Crazy Zach before hockey

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benilhalk said...

Really nice photos from Christmas and New Year parties. Glad to see these pictures! We are going to host a grand party for our kids at local party venues in Atlanta. I hope they like my arrangements as I am trying my best.