Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Vancouver day 5 - Part 2 - The Petting Zoo

After the Aquarium we went down the road in Stanley Park for a nice Picnic lunch.  The kids ate and then ran and played in the field while we relaxed.  Zach also took his first pee on a bush.  I am SO PROUD!!!

Heading over to "water" the trees
What a cute bum! Great job Zachy!
My beautiful girl with some beautiful flowers
"I did it!"
What a good looking couple!
What a cool dude in his new hat
Picking flowers
Man, I love this girl! What a great smile!
Abs teaching Zach how to pick flowers

After our lunch we headed to North Vancouver to go to the Maplewood Farm Petting Zoo.  A great farm with a lot of fun animals.

Petting a little Donkey
Abs in front of the Pig Pen

Abby & Zachy petting a baby Goat
Zach found a big goat
What a cool girl in her shade
Abby found Grammee Gallimore's Favorite Animal...
Chrissy snuggling with the fuzzy bunnies
Abs and the Easter Bunny
"Man, that is one good looking Mallard!" (For the G8 boys)
Chrissy wanted me to take a picture of this duck because it had some cool colours and a cool look
Granny and Zachy ran ahead and hid on the Bridge
For Grandad Gallimore and Uncle Al - The Clydesdales
Another Roster for Grammee
The boy and I checking out the Horses
Gran and the kids
The kids with Granny and Grandpa
A group photo at the Maplewood Farm

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